Polkastarter Community Update #3 — December 2020

The last month of 2020 was huge for Polkastarter with the impending launch of our product. After several tests and audits, our MVP was…


The last month of 2020 was huge for Polkastarter with the impending launch of our product. After several tests and audits, our MVP was finally ready for release, and how amazing it was! In just 2 weeks, we enabled several projects to raise on our permissionless protocol, including MahaDAO, Exeedme, FireProtocol, SpiderDAO, Kambria and Royale.

A total of 1,808 ETH (close to $2M USD at the current ETH/USD rate) was raised by these projects on Polkastarter. More than 500 unique participants won allocations by fighting their way through a crowd of over 150,000 unique visitors. Some projects sold out in less than 30 seconds, while others ran very successful whitelisting processes to thwart bots.

Polkastarter has now become one of the most popular new projects in blockchain with rising levels of awareness. We have achieved several TOP #1 ranking placements on Coingecko by Social Search, with an increase of over 100% on all social media channels since launch.

All of this thanks to the support of our amazing community. So here’s the Community Update for December 2020.

Product and technology ⚙️

  • MVP was released
  • Deployed 31 new versions of Polkastarter JS Middleware
  • Pentested the Application and Deployed Several Attack Countermeasures
  • Deployed Standard and Atomic Swaps Modules
  • Deployed Onchain Whitelisting Module
  • Improved Pool Featuring Module
  • Deployed Several Fixes & Performance Improvements to Pool Joining Module
  • Increased Oracle Performance at Scale
  • Released Official Developer Documentation
  • Started Hiring for 5 New Product Positions
  • Optimized Production Infrastructure to Handle Peak Pool Joining Traffic (15M Requests Served!)

Marketing and Awareness

#1 On Coingecko’s Trending Search
  • +150,000 Unique Visitors to our website this month
  • Average time on site of more than 5 minutes
  • Telegram Community grew by 4,066 (Currently 16,719members in 6 Groups)
  • Twitter Followers more than doubled in December (From 12,400 to 25,800 followers)
  • Our top article on Medium reached more than 1,400 views, with over 10,000 views altogether for our blog
  • Our top Tweet got more than 42,000 impressions with a very high engagement rate
  • We were №1 in the top trending search for several days on CoinGecko and top 5 for almost the entire month

We launched several featured pools in just two weeks. Projects like Fire Protocol and MahaDAO sold out in seconds and registered an amazing performance after Uniswap listing. In total, 1,808 ETH were raised from more than 500 unique contributors.

  • SpiderDAO raised 240 ETH to build a next generation hardware-based DAO governance model that aims to bring a new standard of fairness to existing DAO framework
  • MahaDAO raised 188 ETH to launch the world’s first non-depreciating currency
  • Royale Finance raised 473 ETH for their smart-backed liquidity tool that allows iGaming entrepreneurs to bootstrap their ventures
  • Fire Protocol raised 290 ETH to launch their DeFi infrastructure based on Huobi Chain
  • Exeedme raised 102 ETH to enable gamers to make money off their skill by participating in peer-to-peer CS:GO and other Esports tournaments.

Partnerships 🤝

In the month of December, we decided to focus our business development on researching and launching several featured pools. We just announced one partnership, but a really big one: Moonbeam as our go-to tool for Polkadot migration.

Partnership summary:

  • We’ve successfully deployed on Moonbeam. This was the first crucial step towards our Polkadot integration. We are still on track for the migration in early 2021, and more news related to Polkadot are coming soon.

The Polkastarter Council 🐋

We announced the Polkastarter Council, a group of members that will be deciding which pools and token swaps are featured on Polkastarter and get full communication support.

In order to be eligible for this council, all members need to hold together around 5% (5,000,000) of the total supply of Polkastarter Tokens ($POLS), and to be active, public and credible players in the blockchain ecosystem.

The Polkastarter Council members are going to be announced soon.

Community 🗣

We continued our expansion into China via social media and secondary markets. We also have our local communities thriving, bringing the word of Polkastarter to several key markets including:






For China please scan the QR code above.

All our articles and official communications are being translated to make sure that we reach all major markets in the world.

Token ($POLS) 💎

  • We almost tripled our liquidity on Uniswap, and we’re currently at our all time high with $6,942,566 of total liquidity
  • We distributed the fourth AND FINAL round of seed and private-sale tokens and the price actually more than doubled in the following days
  • Volume increased to an average of over $2M USD volume per day with days surpassing the $6M USD volume milestone
  • We now have over 17,000 active token holders — more than most major projects
  • We continued our Uniswap Liquidity Program rewards to 150,000 POLS
  • Total Liquidity provided on Uniswap reached $2,5 Million from more than 400 whitelisted liquidity providers



Press 📰

Polkastarter was highlighted as one of the top projects for raising funds. The media has continued to show wide interest in Polkastarter, resulting in several articles about Polkastarter and our vision.

We were mentioned twice during the recent Polkadot Decoded Conference. Once by our partner Moonbeam, and once during the above presentation by Parity itself.


Yahoo Finance:

Yahoo News:




Selected others:

Upcoming 👀

In January we are going to scale out the number of featured pools we launch per week. We’re also making big improvements in the product and continuing our process to integrate Polkadot.

Other topics for the upcoming weeks and months include:

  • Launch the Polkastarter Council
  • Continue building a stellar team
  • Continue working with Parity and Polkadot to prepare for integration
  • Enable projects to apply for a featured listing on Polkastarter through governance
  • Continue working on adding new features (auctions and others)

About Polkastarter

Polkastarter is the leading early-stage fundraising protocol, enabling web3’s most innovative projects to kick-start their journey and grow their communities. Polkastarter allows its users to make research-based decisions to participate in high-potential public sales and be early to the future of web3.

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