CARV Node Sale Opportunity for $POLS Supporters

Polkastarter partnered with CARV protocol to offer a CARV node sale discount to our community


If you are here with us, chances are you enjoy having early access to the ideas of tomorrow. We strongly hope that is the case cause we are about to share a freshly baked node sale opportunity with you!

You might have seen that node sales are getting on the hype this cycle, and it didn’t pass unnoticed at Polkastarter HQ. We teased it a bit in the last few days. Today, we are dropping the campaign news in full form:

The CARV nodes will be available to the $POLS community with an exclusive discount!

​​This blog is divided into two parts: 

  • Part One - CARV Node Sale Details
  • Part Two - Introduction to CARV Protocol

Feel free to start with the section that interests you most. If you are completely new to the concept of nodes, node sales, and how to evaluate them, we encourage you to start your journey with our introductory blog here

The sale will start on Wednesday, June 5, at 10am UTC on Type in 'pols' discount code for 10% cashback.

Part One: Polkastarter x CARV Node Sale

We’re all busy here, so let’s dive straight into the specifics.

The offer:

  • 10% discount on CARV nodes
  • Starting at Tier 1 (the best valuation)
  • Access is Public Round (FCFS), you need to be quick
  • No purchase limit per user, but a limited number of nodes per tier level
  • The sale will be hosted on the CARV website:
  • Polkastarter users will be able to enjoy the discount with the “pols” discount code - remember to type in this code during the sale. Note: the money will be returned as a cashback, meaning you will need to pay the full amount at first


  • Open to everyone from the $POLS community - no $POLS tier barrier this time
  • Initially, KYC is not required for node purchases, but you’ll need it to claim node rewards later. More information here.

CARV Node Sale Details



Total number of Nodes for sale

100,000 nodes

CARV Node Sale (Allowlist)

03/06/2024, 10:00 AM UTC

CARV Node Sale (Public Round)

05/06/2024, 10:00 AM UTC

Node Sale Venue

CARV website

Allowlist and Public Sale Purchase Token

wETH (Arbitrum)



Node Sale type

Allowlist Sale, Public Sale

Node transferability period

12 months

Purchase limit

Limited for earlier tiers, then progressively increasing. More details here

Pricing tiering system

Price increases with each tier ($499 Tier 1 - $10,573 Tier 40 )

Discount code (10%)


The best source to explain the CARV sale is the CARV team themselves, and you will find their Node Sale breakdown blog here. Impossible Finance, the CARV sale tech provider, wrote a post about the sale conditions here

Note: Polkastarter users join in the Public Round of the sale, so the Allowlist conditions mentioned in the articles from CARV and Impossible Finance do NOT apply to you. 

CARV Node Sale Tiers

To evaluate a node sale, it’s crucial to look into its tier levels. While low tier can be lucrative, the higher we get, the higher the risk. 

CARV node sale tiers for the Public Sale. You can check the full tier levels table here.

A few details to consider:

  • The total number of CARV nodes is capped at 100K, with each tier having a set maximum number of nodes available in the Public (FCFS) Round; 
  • Lower tiers (1-17) have a cap on the number of nodes per user, while higher tiers (17+) have no limit;
  • The sale will progress to higher tiers as each tier sells out; 
  • There are 40 Tiers in the CARV sale in total;
  • 57400 node licences are available to Public Round participants in total, 30275 up to the 17th (capped) tier; 
  • Allowlist spots are allocated up to tier 24, inclusively;
  • Polkastarter users can access the Public (FCFS) Round starting from Tier 1, with a node price of $499 (without POLS supporter discount) and 1500 nodes available to public participants in this tier; 
  • The node license is initially non-transferable, making it a long-term commitment by default.

Verifier Node Licence

What are you actually buying during the sale? You purchase a licence in the form of an NFT, which you will need to hold in your wallet to set up a node later. Note: this license is initially non-transferable. More here

Running or Delegating a CARV Verifier Node

After successfully participating in the node sale and securing the node licence, you’ll need to set up the node. The setup process is simple and optimised by the CARV team. Nevertheless, if you want to avoid the technical hassle completely, you are welcome to delegate your node operations to a dedicated service provider. More here

Now that you know all you need about the sale itself, you might be interested in learning further about CARV and its mission. If that’s the case, keep reading.

Part Two: CARV’s Mission, Tokenomics, Roadmap, Rewards



CARV wants to change how we use and share data by making the internet more open and decentralised. In a nutshell, CARV’s goal is for people to have full control over their own information and be able to benefit from it, as part of the AI Revolution. More here

Current State

Over 2.5 million users (including 1M unique CARV ID holders), and 750+ games & AI companies (including Google Cloud) have already joined CARV, making it one of the largest ecosystems with active wallets on 40+ blockchains. More here.

Verifier Nodes

Nodes are the backbone of decentralised networks, preventing centralised control and data monopolies. By joining as a CARV verifier node, you help ensure the integrity and security of data transactions in the CARV ecosystem. More here


CARV is dedicating 25% of the total token supply to node verifiers. With a release model reducing by 25% every 6 months, it is expected that about 50% of tokens will be released in the first year alone. More here

Node Rewards

Rewards for node operators stem from token supply (25%), ecosystem (partner) contributions, staking, data services, and transaction fees. The exact numbers are not set in stone and may vary depending on network activity, number of active nodes, user adoption, etc. Rewards are not guaranteed. Check the estimated rewards calculated here


⛏  Want to dig deeper? Check out the full research report on CARV conducted by Impossible Finance. 

🗣 We hosted a text AMA with CARV & Impossible Finance on Tuesday, May 28. Follow the AMA conversation on our Telegram starting from here.

🛟 Our Telegram group is also the place to receive instant support from our team, so you don’t want to miss out on joining it. 

Looking forward to answering your questions! 👋

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