Polkastarter Airdrops: The Mode Quest Bonanza

It's harvest time for 50 most active Mode Quest participants


Gm, we are back with some fantastic news! πŸͺ‚

In February, we invited you to take part in the Polkastarter x Mode Quest to test up the highly anticipated Mode network and collect points towards the widely foreseen Mode rewards. 

🌱 Planted the seed? You’re now in for a treat!

Some of you showed dedication and actively participated in Phase 1 of the Mode’s airdrop campaign, beyond the Polkastarter Quest. Your efforts will now pay off.

50 most active $POLS supporters who joined Mode Quest are now eligible for the $MODE airdrop! Each wallet in the Top50 will receive 10,000 $MODE! 

Mode Campaign Recap

Let's revisit the facts. There were 3 distinct points to the initial Mode campaign, all of them exclusive to the $POLS community (250+ POLS Power users):

  1. The Mode Quest
    Bridge some $ETH to the Mode chain, swap them to $MODEPOLS on Polkastarter and claim the OAT on Galxe  - your gateway to potential future rewards.
  2. 20,000 USDC Raffle
    200 lucky quest participants won $100 each (CONCLUDED).
  3. Top 50 Active Users Bonus
    Top Mode Phase 1 Airdrop Leaderboard scorers from the $POLS community have been rewarded with an additional share of 500,000 $MODE, shortly after TGE.

You can read more about the past campaign requirements here

We are happy to announce that the $MODE airdrop is no longer a debatable future β€” it’s time to harvest! πŸ§‘β€πŸŒΎ

Mode Campaign Rewards

Are you among the hardworking 50 to withdraw an exclusive 10,000 $MODE cheque - the reward dedicated to our $POLS community? πŸ₯

The cat is out of the bag! Check the Top50 $POLS Supporters on the Mode Leaderboard below πŸ‘‡

Participated in Phase 1 of Mode airdrop campaign, and scored 250+ points? 🎁

Wait, there's more. Even if you didn't make it in the Top50 leaderboard above, you still might be eligible for general $MODE rewards. You can find the airdrop Phase 1 eligibility criteria here

Note that you needed more than just completing the Polkastarter x Mode quest to score a minimum of 250 points required in Phase 1. 

β€’ What's next? Check your wallet!
$MODE is only available on Mode Network - beware of scam tokens on other chains. You can find the $MODE token contract address here.

β€’ Thinking about what to do with all that $MODE?
Get started by using your $MODE to participate in the Mode Airdrop Phase 2! Check out all the $MODE use cases on the Mode’s doc website here

With Polkastarter, you are always early to the ideas of tomorrow. Check your wallets, stay positive, and keep an eye out for the next great opportunities! πŸ‘‹

About Mode Network
Mode is the modular DeFi L2. Powered by Optimism and rewarding users for growing the network, Mode is building a brand new on-chain economy with a twist – rewarding contributions to network growth via on-chain referrals, sequencer fee sharing, and a smart treasury for rewards automation.

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About Polkastarter
Polkastarter is the leading early-stage fundraising protocol, enabling web3’s most innovative projects to kick-start their journey and grow their communities. Polkastarter allows its users to make research-based decisions to participate in high-potential public sales and be early to the future of web3.

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