How to Participate in the $COOKIE IDO?

The $COOKIE Public Sale is coming to Polkastarter on Wednesday, June 12, 2024, 2:00pm UTC


Sweet alert, the $COOKIE jar is about to topple! Are you ready to grab some fresh $COOKIEs before the TGE on June 13?

πŸͺ Small recap: The Cookie ecosystem comprises Cookie3, the web3 protocol providing the technology, and Cookie DAO, the governance entity behind the $COOKIE token. For more information about the Cookie ecosystem and the reasons why we are launching $COOKIE, check here.

πŸͺ Applied for the IDO? Don’t forget to collect your points in the Cookie Jar campaign! Details here

πŸͺ KYC will close on Tuesday, June 11, at 2:00pm UTC. Start KYC on the Dashboard by clicking on the "KYC Open" status if you've not been verified with Synaps before. Learn more about the KYC process here.

Here’s all you need to know before the $COOKIE IDO kicks in. πŸ‘‡

Key Metrics

Public Sale for $COOKIE

Allowlist Closing & Lottery Date

Friday, May 31, 2024

KYC Closing Date

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

IDO Date

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

IDO Time

Guaranteed Allowlist: 2:00pm UTC

FCFS Allowlist: 3:00pm UTC 

Token Ticker


IDO Price


Total IDO Raise



BNB Chain

Token Needed to Buy Allocation

$USDT on BNB Chain

Token Needed to Pay for Gas

$BNB on BNB Chain


$50 - $1000, based on POLS Power tiers

Total Supply

1,000,000,000 $COOKIE

Initial Circulating Supply (including MM)

59,210,915 $COOKIE

Initial Circulating Supply %


Initial Market Cap (including MM)


Initial Market Cap (excluding MM)


FDV at Launch


Token Release Schedule

12,5% of $COOKIE at TGE, 1-month cliff, 6 months linear vesting

Read more in Cookie3 Litepaper or on the $COOKIE Project Page on Polkastarter.


Here's the allocation breakdown per tier:

β€’ +50,000 POLS Power - $1000
β€’ +30,000 POLS Power - $600
β€’ +10,000 POLS Power - $350
β€’ +3,000 POLS Power - $200
β€’ +1,000 POLS Power - $100
β€’ +250 POLS Power - $50

β€’ Community Winners - $300

You can buy $COOKIE up to your maximum allocation size, in one or multiple transactions. You can contribute less than your max allocation, but not more.

Sale Structure

$COOKIE IDO will follow our updated Guaranteed Allocation sale model. Here's how the sale process will unfold:

  • 2:00pm - Guaranteed Allocation phase
    For exactly 1 hour, users with "Allowlisted" application status will be able to buy up to their full allocation, in one or multiple transactions.
  • 3:00pm - First Come First Served (FCFS) phase
    Now all of the users with "Allowlisted FCFS" status will be able to join the pool and buy up to their respective max allocation. FCFS pool will have its dedicated allocation (some % of the total amount raised), and any leftover funds unsold in the Guaranteed phase will be added.

You can find your $COOKIE application status on your Dashboard. Check all possible project application statuses here. For more details on the Guaranteed sale structure, visit this blog article.

Participating in an IDO on BNB Chain

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About Cookie3
Cookie3 is a MarketingFi protocol and AI Data Layer, creating a transparent economy that benefits users, creators, and businesses. Over 170+ dApps, including Kyber Swap and Polkastarter, have already implemented Cookie3 platforms and solutions to enable profitable connections between projects and audiences. Utilizing both off- and on-chain analytics, Cookie3 ensures effective and valuable interactions within its ecosystem. Supported by leading investors like Spartan Group and GSR, Cookie3 bridges the gap left by traditional web2 marketing.

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About Cookie DAO
The Cookie DAO is an open collective of MarketingFi enthusiasts aiming to bolster decentralization through innovative blockchain solutions. It created the $COOKIE token and injected it into the Cookie3 ecosystem to drive the MarketingFi ethos forward through governance and tokenized support. Through $COOKIE tokens holding or staking, DAO members can access additional rewards and voting rights on matters relating to the Cookie DAO’s treasury and future.

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