Polkastarter Q3 Update


Hi everybody!

Time flies, doesn’t it? It’s definitely been an action-packed few months and we’ve got a lot to share with you as we look back to see what’s been rolled out since July.

Let’s get to it…

What happened in Q3

  • 🚀 IDOs, obviously… Polkastarter IDOs in Q3 raised over $2 million in total, with 8926 participations and across 3 chains - Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.

  • 🕹️ Polkastarter Gaming. Our latest initiative is all about GAMING! We have launched a fresh $2 million fund to support projects in the space, introduced the Polkastarter Gaming Guild, Metaverse land & NFT sales and waaay more. Explore Polkastarter Gaming here.

  • 🧪 Polkastarter Labs. Hot off the press! We’ve just announced Polkastarter Labs - our new investment arm to support the next wave of crypto innovators. WonderHero is the first project to be incubated by Polkastarter and we’re partnering with Morningstar Ventures to bring WonderHero to market. Read more about the announcement and Polkastarter Labs here.

The highly-anticipated Polkastarter v2 launch, including:

  • 🧮 Dynamic Token Sales. Giving IDO projects more flexibility and enabling them to update parameters such as sale commencement date/time and wallet allocations, we rolled out this feature gradually.

  • ✍️ Signature-based Allowlisting. The new Allowlisting mechanism has made our smart contracts leaner, resulting in massive cost reductions across the board. This feature also removes arbitrary limitations and allows projects to allowlist more wallets. More allowlists for all!

  • 🧐 Project Pages + Directory. Each IDO project has received its very own dedicated project page on the Polkastarter website. What does this mean for you? You will now be able to conduct due diligence more easily and discover new IDOs with the click of a button.

  • 📝 Allowlist Application Forms. No more scattered and inconsistent Allowlists, that’s done! The new forms will centralize (in a good way) Allowlist applications on our website - you’ll be able to do the whole process there.

  • 📈 POLS Staking. Yep, it’s here. Most importantly, staking will now enable you to join Allowlists the moment you stake your $POLS, removing the current 7-day waiting period. Subject to 7-day lockup.

  • 📑 Allocations Page. The new Allocations page gives you an overview of all the IDOs you currently are or have participated in, including information on the amount of your contributions and other useful things such as distribution status, staking and farming.

  • ⛓️ Multi-chain and UX improvements. Polkastarter users are now able to see all IDOs on one page, regardless of the chain, and everything now loads a whole lot faster, networks switch automatically if you are using MetaMask and there are also other smaller things that vastly improve user interactions.

  • $POLS Power. POLS Power is a brand new concept, essentially an aggregator that counts your eligible POLS balances across several sources (staking, liquidity provision + holdings) to give you one number, which signifies your chances of successful allowlist.

  • 🆕 Website Revamp. You will get to experience a brand new Polkastarter website, with all the above features and more coming your way!


  • 😍 Over 450,000 followers on Twitter. We couldn’t believe this actually happened so fast! We gained 6-digit follower numbers in no time and were absolutely blown away by the increased interest in Polkastarter. Thanks to each and every one of you who are sharing this journey with us!

  • 📺 Polkastarter YouTube channel launched. Our newly-created channel has now crossed the 1,000 subscribers mark and features a plethora of Polkastars-related videos, as well as a v2 demo by our Chief of Product Robin Ebers.

    We are also giving away 3 Allowlists once we reach 3,000 subs. Here is what to do to enter the giveaway.

  • 🔍 Blog Revamp. We’ve updated our blog as well! Featuring the newly-introduced aesthetics, it’s also got categories you can choose from when looking for a specific article, making navigation way easier than before.

Phew, that was… a lot. Perhaps even too much to digest all at once. Now, all eyes are on Q4, let’s close the year off strong! Keep an eye out on our socials, we'll be dropping the Q4 Roadmap as soon as next week.

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