Polkastarter Community Update #8 - May 2021

9 IDOs, 535 ETH and 1,298 BNB raised, Binance listing, product updates, and launch stats!


May was a whirlwind of a month for us! Here are the latest headlines from our eighth Community Update:

Announcing Polkastarter IDOs on Polygon!

Polkastarter IDOs will soon be compatible with the Polygon network!

For both projects and IDO participants, this means lower costs and higher throughput. Projects will spend less on distributing tokens and IDO participants will spend less in order to claim tokens.

Overall, integrating Polygon into Polkastarter’s IDOs will further improve liquidity and engender community adoption of emerging protocols. By making the IDO process more economically accessible to participants, Polygon x Polkastater will accelerate our mutual, broader mission to engender multi-chain interoperability.

Learn more about the announcement and reach out if you’re a project interested in launching an IDO on Polygon!

Upcoming Polkastarter IDOs

Stay up to date with the IDOs happening in June. Note that information is subject to change and more IDOs will be announced - always check the Polkastarter website for the latest information.

  • June 2 NiiFi. A scaling technology enabling instant finality, low transaction fees, composability - and more.
  • June 3 Phuture. Unlocking radical access to crypto indices, making it easier than ever to invest across DeFi.
  • June 9 Stratos. Stratos is building a complete solution to data architecture for storage, computation, processing, and more.

CryptoDep. May 26, 2021.

Community Highlight: OpenOcean

The Polkastarter Community is as vibrant as always, buzzing with various new innovations and developments. For this month’s highlight, all eyes are on OpenOcean!

So what is OpenOcean? OpenOcean is a full-stack, all-in-one platform providing a flawless trading experience and helping users find the best price and lowest slippage possible. The team has developed a full DeFi & CeFi aggregation protocol with integrated support for effectively all the main chains in the DeFi space, including but not limited to: Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Solana, Ontology, and Polkadot.

Open Ocean’s API is further integrated with three major centralized exchanges: Coinbase, Binance, and Deribit.

The DEX aggregator gives users the opportunity to tap into a diverse range of decentralized exchanges, most notably UniSwap, SushiSwap, Balancer, Curve, PancakeSwap, BakerySwap, USwap, InnoSwap, Loopring and many more.

Open Ocean boasts a remarkable investor base as well. Binance, Multicoin, DAO Maker, TRON, CMS are some examples of the seatholders on the Open Ocean cap table.

In for a better trading experience? You simply can’t afford to not give the platform a try! Head over to the Open Ocean website to find out what the fuss is all about and learn more about their technology, team and future roadmap.

Product and Platform Updates

This month, we updated docs, spoke on podcasts, announced new Council members, hosted 11 AMAs with projects, and more. Here are some updates from May!

Community and Growth

The success of Polkastarter and of our Polkastars would simply not be possible without you. Thanks for helping us build the future of IDOs, and redefining how groundbreaking tech projects go to market!

  • We just launched the Polkastarter Discord! Join us and say hi!
  • Over 209,000 website visits
  • 49,811 more Twitter followers than last month ⤴️
  • Over 8m Twitter impressions in May!
  • We added nearly 10,000 new members to our main Telegram channel! 🥳

May IDO Recap

Nine projects launched their IDOs on Polkastarter this month, raising a total of 535 ETH and 1298 BNB.

  • Sienna Network raised 120 ETH to build a privacy-preserving, cross-chain DeFi platform.
  • DFYN raised 75 ETH to continue building a cross-chain DEX platform bridging the gaps between DeFi and interoperability,
  • Wilder World raised 64 ETH to bring together the worlds of NFTs, DeFi, and AR/VR together in a stunning metaverse. Check out our AMA.
  • Pinknode raised 38 ETH to provide Polkadot developers with node-as-a-service solutions to accelerate their product life cycle.
  • Ethermon raised 62 ETH to grow their world in which you can collect, train, battle and trade rare digital monsters.
  • Drops raised 74 ETH to bring together the worlds of DeFi and NFTs with innovative solutions to staking, trustless loans, vaults, and more.
  • Paralink raised 1024 BNB to solve the “oracle problem” for blockchain applications with a multi-chain solution.
  • Dotmoovs raised 24 ETH raised 274 BNB to connect athletes and competitors from around the world to share, tokenize, and earn from their achievements.
  • Charged Particles raised 78 ETH to take NFTs to the next level with innovative DeFi solutions.

Token ($POLS)

  • There are over 43,000 POLS holders across Ethereum and BSC!
  • Did you know that the role of #POLS in the IDO process has changed? On May 10, we updated our allowlisting rules. The TL;DR is that owning just 250 POLS gives you a chance to be allowlisted in an IDO! Overall, this update is part of a process to provide the POLS community with higher chances of successful participation. Learn more in our full recap.

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