MoonieNFT AMA Recap

Learn more about MoonieNFT ahead of their IDO on Polkastarter on September 7th.


Polkastarter: Hi everyone and welcome to another exciting Polkastarter AMA, this time with Co-Founders Łukasz Kowalski and Michał Szachno from Moonie. Welcome and thank you for taking the time today to join us!

Michał Szachno: Hola all Amigos 🤠

Polkastarter: We’ll first have a few questions to @lukaszkowalski and @szachnom directly before we open it up for community questions. Let’s get started! 🚀

Could you please first introduce yourselves?

Łukasz Kowalski:  Of course!
Good to be here.
My name is Łukasz Kowalski, I am the co-founder of Flying Bisons (

Bisons are digital consultancy company from Poland with around 60 highly skilled specialists on board

Michał Szachno:I am MIchal and I am happy to be heavily involved with Moonies. I have been in the crypto space for several years now and successfully co-founded and advised many projects in the space. You might know me from active participation in VAIOT, the first regulated crypto project from Malta! 🤠

Łukasz Kowalski: I would love to talk more about MoonieNFT
so I will also introduce the project!

Our project is called MoonieNFT, few buzz words to begin with!
We’re an innovative Play to Earn platform supported by our Moonie NFTs! We’re pushing the concept of play to earn to the limit by making every part of our platform gamified.
We've created Moonies, pixel art creatures.

They are the avatars of the meta-universe that represent all of the things we love in the crypto space.
Our goal is for every cryptocurrency project to have its own custom Moonie!
To get a Moonie you need to buy a Moonchest using our $MNY tokens and draw one.

Bitties, Etties, and Doggies are rare, but Normies are common (90% chance).

We have 3 main functions!
Price races, Research Lab and Arcade Games!
Price races are a cornerstone of MoonieNFT!

Moonies are all about getting to the Moon  NFT holders (with the exception of Normies) will be able to sit in a rocket and participate in price races to win big cash prizes (the first race prize is 100k USD guaranteed).

The first rocket to hit the price target wins.
The price target for the first of many races is BTC - 100k, ETH - 10k, Doge - 1 USD.

During the race, NFT holders can level up their Moonies by playing arcade games and stacking the same types of Moonies to earn even more. There will be leaderboards. We use Moonchest sales to finance prizes and weekly pay for players.

Research Lab is our De-Fi play

If you get a Normie you can burn it in a weekly Research Lab to help OG Moonies develop better space & rocket technologies. You can also deposit USDT, and stake our $MNY token to finance Normies' work!

Every week we will reward a Normie or a “smart money” owner who contributed to progressing Moonie research. For this contribution, they will win a pool of funds generated from USDT deposits yield.
We pay people who deposit USDT 50% of Moonchest sales - the APY can get crazy!

Polkastarter: That's super interesting! 👀
Can you tell us more about the vision behind Moonie, and why are you launching it?

Łukasz Kowalski: Well yes! We have a big vision for Moonies!
I truly believe that we will be well known in the crypto space because of creating Moonie type for every major cryptocurrency or project.

We will connect all communities - small, big, gamers, collectors, hodlers. You name it. The "end game" is to create a bridge between crypto space and the real world. That is why our main focus is to make our Moonies very relatable. That is why we choose to go with Pixelart.

Inside crypto, people know pixel art very well, but also thanks to nostalgia "real world" normies also like our characters a lot! Also, our main focus is to make our platform an experience, not a job. I don't want people to farm this game 24/7

We want people to enjoy playing 10-20 minutes a day and still have a chance to be the best player around We want to build family-friendly simple arcade games.

We want to start with a series of simple 2D games to prove a concept and early next year we will start with the 3D game.
Very soon after launch, we are going to turn into this educational tone and we will make whatever is possible to make buying Moonies as simple as we can. Ideally apple pay.

Polkastarter: 🕹
Polkastarter are big believers that the team and talent behind the project is one of the most important factors for success. Tell us more about the team behind Moonie, and how your experience has led you here?

Łukasz Kowalski: @szachnom will take this one

Michał Szachno: Yes please, my turn now ;p

Because of our background and because we own our companies in the digital space we could structure the team in a smart and cost-efficient way. That is also one of the reasons why we raise so little money comparing to industry standard

So first of all there is a core team of MoonieNFT. It's me and Lukasz +  marketing team: Anthony & Clay + PM Alex

In terms of bringing a product to life, we have 3 companies that are invested in project and are connected because owners are co-founders of MoonieNFT

The above-mentioned ones to be precise

Design and front-end development: Flying Bisons (Łukasz is a co-founder of Flying Bisons)
2x front-end devs (web 3.0)
1x frontend dev
1x UX designer
1x UI designer
1x pixel art designer
1x PM

Blockchain development: Veriori (Me (Michal) is a co-founder of Verior)
1x Lead Blockchain developer
1x Blockchain developer

Game development: Swipers (Kamil who founded the company i co-founder of Flying Bisons)
2x Game devs
1x Game designer

When it's structured this way we can be very capital efficient and still have huge access to talent. This is something we consider as a huge advantage 🙂

Polkastarter: So let's talk about MoonieNFT competitive advantage. What differs you from other similar projects?

Łukasz Kowalski: Hmm...I think we are truly different!

  1. Team structure
  2. We don't want people to farm our games
  3. The price of Moonchest is fixed, so the price of the token won't price out players.
  4. The rarity of our NFTs doesn't affect the gameplay - we want to keep it simple
  5. The core concept itself is about bringing communities together to either compete or co-operate
  6. We are not going after huge 3D games from the beging (like most projects. We know that our strength is some else so we don't pretend that we are a 100-people game studio.

Polkastarter: Can you tell our community a bit more about your $MNY token, particularly about the token utility and your token generation event (TGE)?

Michał Szachno: Indeed, tokenmocis is what I feel best about. I will give the brief overview on that:

Basically, the $MNY token is your gateway to the Moonieverse. You can use $MNY to purchase Moonchests and unbox your very own unique Moonie beginning your journey into Moonieverse games and activities!
You can also stake your $MNY in the Research Lab to earn yield while entering a chance to win the Research Lab prize pool where interest earned on pooled funds is distributed as a prize!

In the above picture you can find all of the inital utilitis of the token, which will surely expand as the more users joins the platform.

When it comes to the token generatino event it will take place on the 7th of September (SOON 😉  )on both Uniswap and Pancakeswap

Polkastarter: We'd love to hear a bit more about your upcoming roadmap!
What key features are you developing?

Łukasz Kowalski: ok! I will take this one!

Michał Szachno: Sure thing!

Łukasz Kowalski: Currently, we are developing 4 major parts of the platform

  1. Moonchest buying
    It's almost ready and will launch on the 7th of September. This function will allow people to buy our NFTs

2.  Mobile game
  It will be released on AppStore and google play by the end of September. The first game will be a one-tap game to get the highest score.

MoonieNFT Announces: The Moonieverse Race
The moment you have all been waiting for is finally here; today, the MoonieNFT Team is thrilled to announce our very first arcade game…

3. Price races - it will be released by the end of September.

4. Research lab - it will be released by the end of September.

5. New Moonie types - few days after listing.

In October we will evaluate the whole economy and decide what is next for Moonie NFT but the main plan is to introduce 3 new arcade games, a variety of price races, and more than 10 new Moonies all within the year.

Polkastarter: Seems that a lot of great things are coming!
Could you please share the link with our community as well as your social media channels, so they can make sure to follow you and be kept up to date on your progress?

Łukasz Kowalski:
➡️ More on MoonieNFT


Polkastarter: Great, thank you both!
Let's open the chat for a brief window to give our community a chance to ask their questions, and don’t forget, that after the AMA,  we will be having a quiz and giveaway 3 og moonies (bitty, ettie and doggie). 🤗

L Castro: In your Ethereum Killer launch , how many crypto currencys will launch and you might want to leak which? like ADA,Solana for example and will they also have a fixed supply of only 2000?

Łukasz Kowalski: We will announce next race after the launch, but I can tell you you are close 🙂 Yes, all of OG Moonies will have a fixed supply and we wont do a lot more and a lot less then 2k.

SAYA SAPOOL: How you can check are you won seat or not ? And are you got moonchest? Where I can check it?

Łukasz Kowalski: If you ask about Moonchest claming - you need to have a golden glitter normi

kaskin: For now participating in IDO on the ETH network has a high GWEI Gas constraint, seeing MoonieNFT will be holding your IDO with Polkastarter is this high Gwei Gas problem not a problem? How are you going to make this event lively if you are with gwei now thank you

Michał Szachno: Hello, you will be able to get in BSC pool so you will be able to avoid high network fees

METEORS: Hello sir 👋👋 @lukaszkowalski
Heey I transferred my Normie to MOONIENFT could you tell me why it isn't vissible on their page?

How can you check if you are qualified for IDO?

Michał Szachno: You are qualified to the IDO if your NOrmie has similar glitter to the one above 🙂

Ferry Anggara: What is the most ambitious goal of your project? What is the main vision that your project wants to achieve in the market cap market? I would appreciate it if you could share with us upcoming updates? @lukaszkowalski

Łukasz Kowalski: I did it!

cutbray cut bray: Do we always have 500$ allocation or we got rekt and it decreases to 250$ like Polka IDo winners? will there be a difference in price since moonie will be built both on eth and bsc or is it 1:1?
And some others questions… so please why don t you make a telegram for iDO Winners ?

Łukasz Kowalski: No, Polychain Monsters owners have 500 USD allocation, IDO Seat Normies have 250 USD allocation and for POLS holder we will have announcement today 🙂

marsa: I'm so excited for the moonie launch!! Is moonie only optimized for web browsers or will there be plans for android and ios? Basically we can just buy a moonchest and start having fun on MoonieNFT right?

Michał Szachno: We plan to launch the app for the mobile devices but it will be mainly for the gaming experience. However we might explore the above described options

Bismillah Polka: NFT gaming specially those featuring a Play-to-Earn mechanism is new trend these days. Can you explain MoonieNFT Play-to-Earn mechanism in more details? Besides enjoying the arcade games how user can generate passive income?

Łukasz Kowalski:

We will pay top players 10% of weekly Moonchest sales + we will also giveaway moonchests. There is also research lab and prices races 🙂

Yamato: Wassap soli @szachnom @lukaszkowalski
I saw the development of MoonieNFT, it looks like you guys want to partner with SOLANA with the slogan SOLI(solana Moonie) the question is If you cross over to another chain, like solana or others, I assume it will have an impact on the token economy and the allocation of the prize pool?

Łukasz Kowalski: yes

SaMiSaKeClub: Q1. How to get Moonie? Then how to increase Moonie to a higher level in order to get more Moonie itself @szachnom @lukaszkowalski

Q2. Is it possible to enter the Research Lab using NFT and USDT for deposit? Thus, are you entitled to win prizes immediately after deposit? how do you prevent the loss

Łukasz Kowalski: Buy Moonchest
Stack the same types of Moonies - 2x Bitties or be in top 10 on a weekly leaderboard. Having top lvl bitty can win you 10k USDT once race is finished
USDT, Normi (it burns after a week) and stake MNY. This is how to get to research lab

marsa: I'm so excited for the moonie launch!! Is moonie only optimized for web browsers or will there be plans for android and ios? Basically we can just buy a moonchest and start having fun on MoonieNFT right?

Łukasz Kowalski: First game is iOS and Android.
Yes you can spend 20 USD and never look back if you will play your game right

jessica hong: You say, It's our job to make sure that you decide on all the pieces at the right time to get the most powerful speed boost (and, therefore, the highest score) my question. Does deciding all parts have a limited time? How long does it take to cut all the pieces? what if we decide all the parts are not on time?

If we don't do it consistently we will lose speed and not get score? So we have to wait for the right time to get speed and score? Do you have any other solution about this?

Łukasz Kowalski: Hmm if i understand your question correctly... you need to click at the right moment. If you will wait too long the rocket will blow up and the game is lost. If you will click to early you will get less speed and endup with lower score.

vinay kumar: @lukaszkowalski @szachnom


Q.1  What are the prizes a participant can expect if they play a game and win also is there any minimum amount set to take part in a game ?

Q.2 How MoonieNFT is different from other NFT project. And where would you see MoonieNFT after 5 yrs??

Łukasz Kowalski: Top 100 players will participate in 10% of weekly Moonchest sales. Research lab participants will be able to win moonchests, yield generated from USDT deposits and prizes in MNY tokens.

Polkastarter: Awesome! Thank you all 🤗
@lukaszkowalski and @adeniran16 will now launch their quiz to giveaway 3 og moonies! Get ready!

Łukasz Kowalski: okey!
So i will give you quiz rules!
With each question 3 people will score points.
The first one to have a correct answer will score 3 points, second one 2 points and third one 1 point.
We have 5 questions 🙂 at the end we sumup and that is how we know top 3
If the score will be even we will have more question

Polkastarter: Let's gooo!

Question 1
Q: How many Moonie types will we start with?
A: 4

Question 2
Q: What genesis moonie is a tech genius?
A: Ettie

Question 3
Q: How many seats are there per a rocket in the Price Races?
A: 300

Question 4
Q: What month will the first Mooniverse arcade games be available?
A: September

Question 5
Q: What is the nick name of a Bitty #320
A: Jedi Bitty

FIRST PLACE: @radical08 !
THIRD PLACE: @ivphu9

Polkastarter: Thank you @lukaszkowalski and @szachnom for your time and for the awesome quiz!
Really looking forward to the launch of $MNY and to welcome you to the Polkastarter Family and continue working together in the future.

Łukasz Kowalski: Thank you guys!

Michał Szachno: We feel warm and welcome here. Appreciate your support and looking forward to the long-term cooperation!

Polkastarter: Thanks to everyone for tuning in. This will be the end of this AMA, thank you everyone for joining us! The chat will now open back up.✨

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