How to Prepare for an IDO on BNB Chain?

Steps to prepare your wallet for a Polkastarter IDO on BNB Chain


If you’re already a BNB user or you’re eager to start participating in the BNB pools in the future, we’ve put together this tutorial guide to help you navigate when you participate in future IDOs. Warning: it’s super simple!

Step 1: Add BNB Chain to your MetaMask wallet

If you never connected your MetaMask to BNB Chain, check out this guide or proceed with adding the network directly on Polkastarter with Steps 3-5 below.

Step 2: Get tokens on the BNB Chain

Gase fees: You will need $BNB to participate in the BNB Chain-based sales, to pay for the network fees. You can buy $BNB on Binance or any other CEX or DEX of your choice that supports BNB Chain. The main DEX on the BNB Chain is PancakeSwap.

Allocation: To buy allocation, you will typically need $USDT or other stablecoin. You will find the exact currency used for the sale in our IDO announcements. You can easily withdraw necessary assets from any major CEX like Binance or DEX like PancakeSwap. You can find the list of all the $USDT markets here, and DEX pairs here.

$USDT withdrawal from Binance

Step 3: Connect your wallet to Polkastarter

Go to and click “Connect Wallet” in the top right corner.

Step 4: Select BNB

After connecting your wallet, you will see a dropdown button with the different networks in the top right corner.

Click on the network icon and a pop-up menu will display all available networks. You should see “BNB Chain”. Click on it.

Step 5: Confirm

You should see a prompt in your wallet asking you to approve changing the network. Alternatively, if you haven't added BNB Chain before, the wallet prompt will ask if you want to add the network now. Approve it.

Step 6: IDO!

You can complete the steps before the IDO, and we recommend doing so to ensure everything works smoothly with your MetaMask and BNB Chain.

You can find the list of projects launching on Polkastarter on our Project page. For a more general guide on preparing for the sale see this article. 

We suggest following our announcements on Telegram and X to be up to date with the news. 

And yes — it’s that easy! 💪

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