Get to Know: SYN CITY

The first-ever Mafia Metaverse.


Keep your eyes wide open there’s a new syndicate in town! 👀SYN CITY IDO is coming to Polkastarter on January 7th!

A Mafia Metaverse where you can be the boss and take control of turfs, business, loot, and expand your empire. We couldn’t miss the opportunity and got together with Roy Liu (Co-founder) to learn all tips and tricks about the new Mafia universe.

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SYN CITY is building a mafia metaverse that is free to play and earn with no need to own NFTs.

Another main feature is the multiple revenue streams which mean that users can have multiple revenue streams by engaging from grinding through events, re-allocating assets to generate returns, and leading your syndicate to earn like a mob through the MaaD system.

“if Call of Duty is free to play, so can crypto games. We believe everyone should have equal right to earn“ Roy Liu, Co-founder @ SYN CITY

SYN Token utility

$SYN is the governance token for the metaverse and core of the Mafia-as-a-DAO system.

And can be used for:

  • Governance;
  • Staking yield;
  • Stake to upgrade your character and its equipment;
  • Pay for special upgrades and NFTs.


SYN CITY team will release a teaser version soon for windows and iOS. For next year, on Q1 we can expect a DAO integrated version

In Q2 the team plans to already be supporting cross-chain on their platform.

Community Questions

I read that SYN CITY, appoints American rapper, Swae Lee as CEO. This is remarkable, could you tell us why you think he's the best person for that post? Could you tell us some of the roles he will be playing and how confident are you that he's gonna take SYN CITY to greater height?

Roy Liu (SYN CITY)
Yes, he did sunflower for spider vers 🙂

Working with Swae is amazing. He has tons of knowledge and connections to bring the SYN CITY to the mass adoption

Mr J
Hi @roylxy

What type of graphics can we expect from the MafiaMetaverse game? How do you plan to continually improve the quality of gameplay?

Roy Liu (SYN CITY)
yes we are very proud of our graphics 🙂 we are proud to be able to bring a GTA / Cyberpunk 2077 vibe into crypto space

Things are heating up in the Metaverse space, most new projects are springing up, however vast majority of them do not have what it takes to successfully run a project, they are just in for the hype and money. How can we know that truly SYN CITY is in for the technology and not the hype nor the money? Talking about long-term, what steps or measures are in place to help ensure that you continue to exit even in 10 years time?

Roy Liu (SYN CITY)
that's a very good question, and I pick this question as it covers some points others are asking reason I picked mafia is because we've noticed mafia themed world is very unique

- has been the evergreen genre thru multiple iterations of game platform, web, mobile, console, etc. and keeps growing, thus we know the demand is strong

- also there are tons of mafia/syndicate/underground properties in the traditional entertainment that we can work with, and cross over, this makes our metaverse much stronger, diverse, and scalable

mafia, in modern days, doesn't mean bad guys, but a group of ppl with strong belief and very successful like, paypal mafia, linked mafia, facebook mob, etc.

and we think that fits very well for our decentrlaized degen community in crypto, and mass market

based on this, we are building the new DAO so as to be the layer 3 to support the earning through the system

Julfikar Hossain
Staking, NFT is very hottest, do you think you will apply NFT technology to your products in the achieved future?

Roy Liu (SYN CITY)
We have A LOT of NFTs.

We have NFT for characters and equipments. We have NFT for land and turf. We also have NFT for business license, with whitch you can operate business and make cash flow with.

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