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The team now has 30 members and is still expanding rapidly from the original team of 10. We started with the original team in early August and are expanding more to speed up and perfect the product.

Combining both game development and blockchain development talents from the 2 founding companies, we now have 4 tech lead and management members, 5 Game Developers, 10 Art/Design, 1 lead tester, 5 marketing and CS, 5 blockchain developers

Additionally, 20 testers from 2 founding companies are not counted in the official number.

Product + Vision

Kawaii Islands is a high-quality anime style game that enables players to enjoy, relax while playing to earn. Especially, by gamifying several DeFi mechanisms, Kawaii Islands will bring players a new dimension of mixed entertainment and earning. Our future vision is to build an Anime Metaverse, where people can Play, Connect, Create and Earn.

KWT token is the governance token of Kawaii Islands with multiple purposes: In-game fee paying, Receive rewards, Share revenues.

Players earn through Delivery Orders, staying on Top of Leaderboard for Home Decoration/Fashionista, Staking or  Selling items. They also spend KWT to Craft items, buy items or pay event fees.

For governance function, players can vote on KWT important decisions like propose spending or change game policies. Each proposal is raised via a voting interface in the game (coming soon) and only when the majority votes for its “pass”, the policy is applied.

Key Differentiating Factors

I think the first one is we start with a fully functional play-to-earn: From the alpha version of the game, players can already play to earn.

Great graphic design: Imba game studio has had over 6 years of developing experience with this Kawaii style games, the initial design got great feedback from our customers when we introduced our trailer video and also the presale events.

And we have to talk about customizable: Kawaii Islands and NFTs gaming open up a flexible world for users as they can customize their experience with us. We have future plan to open up new features where artists can create their own game NFTs and sell them for in game use. Other players can also purchase these and use them for their characters.

We also have another unique feature in plan: let players open their own business in game such as restaurants, bars, etc. where they serve other players as customers.

We also aim to implement more social features in games such as multi-player mini games, clan or relationship.

We consider all the features mentioned above a brand new approach among the existing blockchain games.

By focusing on these unique features, we hope to expand and maintain a healthy community where everyone can enjoy playing, earning and socializing.


We launched Alpha game today and our secondary marketplace for players trading is also running with almost 2000 items traded the last time I checked. Kawaii Islands will not just stop as a singular NFT play-to-earn game. Our vision is to create and connect other high quality anime games into an anime metaverse with unlimited potential where everyone can play, connect, create and earn

After alpha launch, we are going to implement more key features in Beta version such as Home Decoration and Character Dress-up ^^

You can check our roadmap on website here:

Community Questions

Cho1249: Q1. Kawaii Islands raises USD 2.4 million in private token sale for its next anime metaverse, excellent news. What do you attribute the success of your private sale to, what benefit has the strategic alliance between Imba Games Studio and Oraichain brought you?

Q2. I could see that they will launch their IDO on Polkastarter on October 12, but why have they decided to do it on this decentralized exchange? What are the goals you plan to achieve in your IDO? And can you tell me about the steps or requirements to participate?

Minh: Imba Games Studio has been developing high-quality and attractive ranges of games for over 6 years. We always want to implement new innovative technology into our creative games.

Our recent discussion with Oraichain CEO, Dr. Chung Dao about the applicability of AI, Blockchain and the role of Web 3.0 in game industry, we couldn't be more impressed.

AI and Blockchain will surely accelerate the game industry: securing assets, flexible economy on-chain, and above all: fair and transparent!

Bella Aprillia: Almost 80% of investors have just focused on the price of token in the short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us the motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in the long term?

Hal: That's why we launch the game first actually, to give people a chance to experience it first and we also have chance to fix any problems that might affect the game, listen to our community, stabilize the game first and make it better. After that, we launch the token. People have more chance to understand the product before the token is involved.

ucii maniati: Kawaii Islands wants to create a fantasy world where players enjoy games that have design, construction, social networks. So can you explain how play and social factors can be special in games because games don't currently offer these features? and also ,

I am surprised that they will first use AIRI as a temporary profit token for the game and then switch to KWT tokens in October. But what is the need to make this change? What will happen to the AIRI token after the change, won't it affect the token negatively???

Hal: AIRI is an independent and fully functional token from our marketplace partner,aiRight . We will switch to KWT in beta game but we will also support AIRI in the marketplace. Not only AIRI actually, we are working on supporting BNB so more players can try out and play Kawaii Islands too

ROXY: Who is your target customer in this Kawaii Islands  project? all users in the world or is it limited to the place that Kawaii Islands  created to serve the people there!? Who can benefit most from the tools Kawaii Islands  is providing?

Reishi: The target audience is based on our graphic art style: cute and adorable; thus tends to be more appealing to female players ^^. But surely, it doesn't limit our ambition to spread the game worldwide and receive attraction from the other gender too. In fact, many of our community members are male and they love the design too 😆

About the geographical audience, East and Southeast Asia are more familiar with this anime style. They are the base audience for us to expand our ground.

Divya: Currently, most projects and platforms are in English. How will you reach non-English local communities? Do you have any plan for them to better understand your project?

Hal: We have our local mods to help with that, the game itself will support many languages later on and our discord language channels are very active at the moment. our players are very supportive and help each other out alot. That's a great foundation for us to build a strong and healthy community ^^

Fumiko Tanaka: Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project? Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood. So I'd like to know who your ideal consumer is for your product?

Reishi: Of course! GameFi projects like Kawaii Islands need two communities at the same time: community of players and community of investors. We keep their interests in several and different ways: fun and play-to-earn for players; and steady returns for investors via many DeFi strategies. Their feedbacks are all listened and reflected in our social channels, and once the Beta opens they can have roles in governing important strategies of games via DAO too :). If you follow our social channels you would also realize we have taken in several feedbacks from our community (the implementation of F2P feature and its restraints is also one of them). We are still receiving many suggestions now that the alpha version has launched, and we will be considering which adjustments should be made accordingly to all the feedbacks and the statistics.

Cho1249: Kawaii Islands is a P2E (Play-To-Earn) game where we are allowed to build our desired land on cloud. I would like to know how can we earn in Kawaii Islands? What are the ways of earning $KWT?

Minh: Main features on games including Farming, Crafting, Order Delivery. You can earn Token from complete the order from Order System.

Hoa Van: I see your project Kawaii Islands  developing many products! this is an advantage being able to meet most of the user's needs! However, does developing multiple products make it difficult to manage? How do you guarantee the quality of all the products in Kawaii Islands ?

Reishi: We have many teams that share the work on other projects from our Kawaii series. Of course there would be more workload, but with our experience and the support from our strategic partner we're confident we can keep up our performance in Kawaii Islands. Also, it's not like we're making everything from scratch - we have a big number of assets from other projects that can be shared in Kawaii Islands. For example, on alpha launch today, the pool for the decoration items that can be crafted already reach up to over 1700 items.

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