Get to Know: HappyLand

The agricultural play-to-earn metaverse


An agriculture-simulation game? Yup, pick up your sun hat, and let’s explore HappyLand. On November 30, we gathered with Khoa Phan, CEO of Tazogames, for an AMA to learn more about their vision, team and roadmap.

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In the first quarter of 2022, HappyLand aims to launch the mainnet version 1. Next on the second quarter their team will be focused on building upon the version, improving visuals and creating minigames into HappyLand metaverse. HappyLand 3D avatar, tech labs and factories coming also later on 2022.

HappyLand Vision

Happyland is a complete reflection of what's life at a real farm looks like. In HappyLand’s P2E model, players have almost unlimited earning potential, with only small investments. Players initially need to buy HappyLand’s native token $HPL to acquire land, crops, and animals. Through participating in the in-game economy, players are in turn rewarded $HPL.

On top of that, HappyLand metaverse is constantly updated, constantly changing, and improved upon, guaranteeing players a P2E and entertainment experience.


$HPL is the main utility token in Happyland, it will be used for governance purposes, farm upgrades, P2E rewards, marketplace transactions, staking.
As the main liquidity medium, Players can use $HPL to buy NFTs in Happyland metaverse and other valuable in-game items (seeds, animals…).

Community Questions

Draco Malfoy
hello everyone, I have been playing the HappyLand demo, it is really simple and interesting but i'm always worried about security! can you share to me and everyone knows about how HappyLand security?

Khoa Phan (HappyLand)
​​Dont worry. HappyLand is built on a BSC a major and proven secured blockchain. Our token/ smart contract is audited and verified. We also have a bug bounty program, which encourages users to discover errors and flaws in the game.

Sienna Stirling
Is your platform suitable for Crypto beginners? Or does it only appeal to professional users?

Khoa Phan (HappyLand)
Yes. Happyland is a metaverse platform, it is build upon the P2E model, or a farm 2 earn model. The tasks to commence playing Happyland is relatively simple, user simply need to have a metamask wallet, follow our simple instruction. If not, the community is always there to aid beginner on every step. With more experienced crypto user you can start earning and trading tokens to have unlimited income.

Sy Béo
Many projects have problems with UI / UX and this one turns off new users. How do you plan to improve the interaction with new users and with users outside the crypto space?

Khoa Phan (HappyLand)
Sure. As I said earlier, our team has been doing lots games and we have expericene in build great user experience. For HappyLand, as we see on our website stats, there are lots of users coming from Southeast Asia, Europe, and USA also. A single server wont be enough to get best user experience as there will be connections. To improve this, we are doing multiple servers/clusters each of which takes care of processing for users in the same region. For users outside of crypto, as we use an account/password model for playing game, this model is very similar to users outside of crypto. This makes HappyLand easy to onboard new users

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