Scalability 2.0: Announcing Polkastarter Integration with Base Ecosystem

Base Builders Are Now Welcome to Apply for Token Launches


Polkastarter is on a constant mission to evolve and provide the most innovative solutions to our users. Today we're thrilled to announce our integration with Base network - a secure, low-cost, builder-friendly Ethereum L2 ecosystem.

We’ve just included Base in our Polkastarter fundraising technology stack. Projects interested in leveraging the benefits of Base's Ethereum L2 solutions can reach out to our team for collaborations, and apply for IDOs on our platform.

Read more about Base here!

Ethereum and the Age-Old Scalability Woes

Ethereum's position as the blockchain of choice for smart contracts is unquestionable. With its unmatched security and decentralized architecture, Ethereum has grown to the top of Web3 ecosystems. Yet, its scalability issues remain a challenge. The limited transaction throughput and the consequent gas fee hikes during peak periods demand a solution that retains the ethos of Ethereum while providing scalability, and improving user experience.

Why Not Just Switch? The Importance of Decentralization

While it's tempting to think of just moving away from Ethereum, its decentralized nature provides unparalleled benefits such as neutrality, censorship resistance, and almost unbreachable security. Decentralization isn't just a buzzword; it's the backbone of a truly open, inclusive, and secure blockchain ecosystem. This leads to the quest for solutions that can augment Ethereum's capacity without compromising its core strengths.

Base: The New Frontier in Ethereum L2 Solutions

Enter Base, an Ethereum L2 built with the promise of security, cost-effectiveness, decentralization, and unparalleled support for builders. Designed to introduce the next billion users on-chain, Base offers the perfect blend of Ethereum's security and enhanced scalability.

  • Incubated within the trusted ecosystem of Coinbase, Base ought to follow a progressive decentralization roadmap. This aligns perfectly with the broader crypto vision of an open, globally accessible crypto economy if decentralization is maintained.
  • Its Ethereum L2 build ensures that dApps get the robustness, stability, and scalability they need. Whether it's migrating your assets and users from Ethereum L1 or interfacing with other chains, Base has you covered.
  • With Base, developers can access the familiar EVM environment without the hefty costs. Plus, the platform offers early access to innovative Ethereum features such as Account Abstraction (ERC4337), developer-friendly APIs for gasless transactions, and intelligent contract wallets.
  • Base's foundation on the MIT-licensed OP Stack, developed in collaboration with Optimism, ensures that it remains a public resource, open and accessible to all. More on Optimistic rollups here.
  • The added advantage? Seamless integration with Coinbase's suite of products. Dapps on Base can tap into easy fiat onramps, efficient Coinbase integrations, and a vast pool of verified users within the Coinbase ecosystem.

In August 2023, the Base Network officially opened to the public! The journey began with a Testnet launch in February, followed by a developer-specific release in July. An on-chain festival of art, culture, community, gaming, and more, named “Onchain Summer”, has been initiated to mark the launch.

Polkastarter x Base: Towards a Streamlined Future

Our initiative to integrate Base into the Polkastarter platform is rooted in our commitment to providing our users with cutting-edge solutions. The integration promises enhanced transaction speeds, reduced costs, and a seamless token launch experience – all without compromising security.

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