Polkastarter End of Year Festival is ON!

Complete daily quests, earn daily rewards and work your way to guaranteed [redacted] spots for 2024.


gm community,

With 2023 coming to an end and [redacted] season approaching, we thought it is time to CELEBRATE 🎉

Read on for the full details around the Polkastarter End of Year Festival

The party starts tomorrow, December 1.

Why are we doing this? 👀

At Polkastarter, 2023 has been a year of building. Since we want to ensure the highest quality projects come to the platform, we haven’t had any sales this year. On the flipside, we’ve made tremendous strides in getting ready for IDO season - technology development, team expansion, and more you can read about here.

And in the spirit of IDO season, coupled with our desire to delight the community going into 2024, we are now hosting the Polkastarter End of Year Festival, together with a variety of partners from the Polkastarter ecosystem.

Read on…

What is going on? 🤔

  • 15 Festival days, each with its own reward
  • Grand Rewards = top the Galxe leaderboard to win
  • Start: December 1 @ 11:00am UTC
  • End: December 15 @ 11:00am UTC

Starting tomorrow, December 1, and leading up to December 15, the Polkastarter End of Year Festival is ON

Sending 2023 away in proper fashion, we will have 15 days full of festivities and various giveaways for the $POLS community.

At 11:00am UTC on each day from December 1 to December 15, we will reveal that day’s reward, together with the instructions on how you can win it and complete the daily quest for leaderboard points on Galxe. 

In total, you will be able to complete 15 quests - one for each day. You are going to want to collect all 15 since there will be guaranteed [redacted] access for those who top the leaderboard at the end of the campaign.

There will be a number of familiar faces involved too, as various key members from the Polkastarter ecosystem join the End of Year Festival.

How to participate 🔍

Participating in the Polkastarter End of Year Festival is as easy as pie. After all, this one is all about you!

  1. Set your notifications on and check the Polkastarter X/Twitter every day, starting December 1. At 11:00 am UTC, we will reveal each day’s reward and share a link to the quest on Galxe.
  2. Complete the quest on Galxe to claim your leaderboard points. Each day’s quest is open for 24 hours only.
  3. Come back again the next day and repeat until December 20.
  4. Tell your friends! 

Rewards 🎁

  • 15 daily rewards from Polkastarter and our partners
  • 15 daily quests > XP points on Galxe*
  • Grand Rewards = complete all 15 days to win guaranteed [redacted] access

*Holders of >250 $POLS get increased XP for completing quests during the campaign

The Polkastarter End of Year Festival rewards will be different each day. From tokens and NFTs, to guaranteed [redacted] access and hardware wallets, we’ve got something for everyone.

Now, importantly, the leaderboard points you get for completing a quest on Galxe each day will determine your eligibility for the grand reward at the end of the campaign. 

While we can’t tell you what that is right now, we can say that the Grand Rewards are the most sought-after thing on Polkastarter.

Your leaderboard points will have a direct effect on your chances to claim the Grand Rewards. Complete all 15 quests to maximize your chances of winning.

*Each day’s individual rewards will be distributed, and the winners announced, shortly after the closing of each quest. If you have more than 250 $POLS, you will get bonus XP for completing quests.

We will be using the Galxe raffle mechanism, and in some cases a random giveaway picker, to pick the winners.

If you have more than 250 $POLS, you will get bonus XP for each completed quest.

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