Polkastarter Autumn Community Update

Looking back at an eventful few months and getting ready to close the year


gm community,

Feel the season’s cold embrace yet? Yep, winter is coming…

But hey, that doesn’t mean we’ll be sleeping 😉Nor that we have been in the past few months, which have been filled with various noteworthy things to talk about – from our Quest with Omni Network, to the 3rd Anniversary of $POLS and growing our team as we prepare to take on 2024, it’s been an eventful autumn for Polkastarter.

Let’s get to it 👇

🗺️⛓️ Omni Network x Polkastarter Quest & Instant Cross-chain Swaps Feature

The Omni Network x Polkastarter Quest took the space by storm and got everyone active and talking again.

For 10 days, our communities were part of a questing adventure, exploring the Omni Mission Center and then the Polkastarter platform. Quest participants first got to know Omni Network and its proprietary L1, the blockchain to connect all rollups, in detail, and then completed a testnet sale on Polkastarter.

During the Quest, the two communities also got a taste of a brand new feature coming to Polkastarter, namely instant cross-chain swaps. As the name suggests, instant cross-chain swaps enable users to, well, do instant swaps across different chains and we are super excited to bring it to the Polkastarter platform in the near future after successful testing.

In summary, the Quest was a huge success, as exemplified by the below stats:

  • 90,000+ participants
  • 100,000+ instant cross-chain swaps completed
  • 1,000,000+ reached on social
  • 200,000+ views on Polkastarter.com
  • 30,000+ new followers for Polkastarter on X

Full recap of the Omni Network x Polkastarter Quest can be found here.

🎉🎈 $POLS 3rd Anniversary

In other news, Polkastarter’s $POLS token turned 3 years old! For those years, we’ve reached the following milestones:

  • 600K+ community members
  • 48K+ total $POLS holders
  • Partnerships with the majority of leading blockchain projects and platforms
  • Listing on 4 of the largest exchanges (Binance, KuCoin, Kraken, Coinbase)
  • +110 Public Sales launched on Polkastarter
  • 4 successful projects launched via the Poolside Accelerator program
  • 1 web3 hub opened, in Lisbon
  • 90k+ participants in first quest

To celebrate the occasion, we hosted a birthday raffle, with 36K+ participants joining in, and created anniversary OATs for the $POLS community, with 1500+ OATs already claimed.

While the raffle is now over, you can still claim the anniversary OATs:

  1. Pro Hodler 🔴 (<1 year of supporting $POLS)
  2. Diamond Hands 🔵 (1-2 years of supporting $POLS)
  3. Perma Bull 🟢 (2-3 years of supporting $POLS)

*Snapshot was taken on September 29 @ 00:00 UTC for holders of at least 250 $POLS. You can claim multiple OATs if you’ve been holding for 1+ years.


Claim window is open until the end of the year. Get your OATs here. Who knows what they might unlock in the future 👀

🫂📈 Polkastarter Team

Next to further building out and improving the Polkastarter platform in anticipation of 2024, we’ve also been expanding and filling out gaps in our team.

In the last few months, we’ve hired 5 new team members across marketing, product, software development and research.

We are beyond excited about the future of Polkastarter and can’t wait to announce everything we’ve been working on behind the scenes as of late. We are pretty sure you are going to love it too 😉

Look out and subscribe to the blog for the latest announcements. We’ll be sharing more info about our new team members and [redacted] soon.

🎮🏆 The GAM3 Awards 2023


After a widely successful crowning ceremony in 2022, with 32 finalists, $1M+ in awards, 250k total votes and 20k+ live viewers, the GAM3S.GG GAM3 Awards are back for 2023.

This time around, the buzz is even bigger than before and we are expecting a textbook show 😎

  • 19 categories
  • 50+ industry leaders
  • $2M in prizes

With nominations now open for your favorite web3 games and web3 gaming content creators, the voting window clock is ticking…

📅 Save the date: GAM3 Awards 2023, 14 December 📅

🔮📅 Getting ready for 2024

We’ve been cooking. And taking the “new year, new me” cliché rather seriously – keep your eyes peeled 👀

Next to working on rolling new platform features (e.g. instant cross-chain swaps) out, the team has also been hard at work fixing previously known issues, most importantly the multi-chain bridge issue. 

Soon, that one will be a thing of the past as the new $POLS token, subject to some additional testing and fine tuning, gets announced and distributed to the community. Utmost priority here is making everyone happy and delivering on our promise. 

Once that’s ready and the [redacted] switch has been turned back on, we will also be hosting a Q&A to answer all your questions about $POLS v2.

In other news, we’d like to remind everyone that Polkastarter now offers support for projects building on the the below L2 chains:

We are firm believers in Layer 2 chains’ ability to help scale Ethereum and bring us closer to more widespread adoption. Supporting founders in the space is an essential part of our mission to grow the ecosystem.Building on top of L2s? Apply here to launch a token sale on Polkastarter.

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