Airdrop Announcement: Up to 2% of the total $G3 supply secured for the $POLS community

Active $POLS supporters will be eligible to claim the $G3 airdrop


GAM3S.GG was born within the Polkastarter community and it’s time to say thank you!

As a testament to the invaluable support, $POLS Community will be eligible to claim up to 2% of the total $G3 supply in an airdrop, on top of being able to participate in the upcoming Private Sale and IDO happening on our platform on April 4th and April 8th. 

A lot to be excited about!

🪂 Who’s eligible for the $G3 airdrop:

  • +1,000 POLS Power users that applied for at least one IDO in the last 2 years. The higher the POLS Power tier you were in at the moment of the snapshot, the more tokens you’ll be eligible to claim.
  • Long-term $POLS supporters holding $POLS 3rd anniversary OATs will have their $G3 airdrop amount multiplied!
    • +1 year OAT: x1,1 (Diamond Hands)
    • +2 years OAT: x1,2 (Perma Bull)

Please note: this is phase 1 of 3 of the airdrop and will happen after the IDO and Private Sales, so don't act hastily. Eligible users will be able to claim the first phase already at TGE. 

How to be eligible to claim:
(1) Connect your wallet in the dedicated airdrop checker and complete tasks to to see your eligibility;
(2) On the 7th of April, you can check the amount of tokens you can claim;
(3) On the 9th of April (Listing Day for $G3) you will be redirected, from the portal, to the claiming site.

Note: It takes around 1 day to see the eligible amount, so you should connect as soon as possible to be able to claim your tokens right at the TGE on April 9!

Details will be announced in due time, always double-check information sources twice to be vigilant and avoid scammers. If in doubt about anything, ask a moderator and wait for a response on Telegram.

Stay tuned for further announcements, anon! Learn more about the $G3 airdrop criteria directly from the $G3 team, and make sure to follow GAM3S.GG on X. 🫡

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