Planet Mojo x Polkastarter: Unlock Your Booster Pack

Join the giveaway and get exclusive new Planet Mojo Booster Packs


Back in 2022, we hosted an NFT sale with Planet Mojo. Today, we’re teaming up again to bring you an exclusive chance to score BIG rewards – it’s time for MOJO MADNESS!!

Starting on March 14, the Polkastarter x Planet Mojo Giveaway offers the amazing opportunity to get in on the action and secure Planet Mojo Booster Packs.

Curious to learn more? Here is how you can win 👇

About Planet Mojo

Planet Mojo is a magical and imaginative web3 gaming metaverse platform being built by an accomplished team of industry veterans. Within this immersive universe, players engage in competitive matches utilizing bespoke squads of legendary creatures across a variety of eSports and PvP games, all set against the backdrop of an enigmatic extraterrestrial realm.

Mojo Madness Giveaway Details 

The Mojo Madness March Giveaway campaign presents players with the opportunity to acquire exclusive new Planet Mojo Booster Packs, usable across all gaming experiences, along with exclusive additional rewards. 

These Booster Packs are brimming with in-game assets tailored for use in Mojo Melee, the innovative GoGo Mojo, and the standalone Mojo Maker avatar creator, enriching the gaming journey with valuable enhancements. Furthermore, eligibility for these Booster Packs unlocks perks and bonuses for participation in upcoming tournaments, as well as other enticing rewards.

How to participate

1. Go to the giveaway campaign on Galxe.

2. Verify your +250 POLS held or staked.

Don’t have $POLS? Get a bag now.

3. Join the campaign on Galxe. Your redemption code will be sent to you through email – keep an eye on your inbox at 5:00pm UTC!

*codes will be shared once per day for all of the participants, at around 5:00pm UTC. Weekend participants will get their codes on Monday.

4. Go to the Planet Mojo platform.

5. Insert your unique redemption code.

6. Connect wallet. Hodling Mojo? Make sure the wallet you connect is the one with your Planet Mojo NFT(s).

*you can connect another wallet than used on Galxe - you should choose the wallet holding your Mojo NFT
**if you don't hold Mojo, you can still participate

7. Complete the KYC.

  1. Claim your rewards! Claiming happens in-game - go to Mojo MeLee on and find your rewards in the Shop.

You can find the full claiming guide from Planet Mojo here.

Got questions? Come over to our Telegram or ask the Planet Mojo team directly on their Discord.

About Planet Mojo
Planet Mojo is an ecosystem of interconnected games built by Mystic Moose, set inside a mysterious alien planet with an evolving narrative, backed by Animoca Brands and Merit Circle.

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About Polkastarter
Polkastarter is the leading early-stage fundraising protocol enabling web3’s most innovative projects to kick-start their journey and grow their communities. Polkastarter allows its users to make research-based decisions to participate in high-potential public and private sales.

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