Introducing Polkastarter Private Sales and a New $POLS Tier!

Private sales are coming to Polkastarter as well as a new POLS Power tier with unique benefits


We are buzzing to announce Private Sales are coming to Polkastarter, alongside a new $POLS tier, which will give holders of 50,000+ $POLS plenty to be excited about.

Private Sales

“You guys do private sales?” is a question we’ve been hearing a lot in the past few years, and we are now finally moving towards adding that as an offering for the community. Private Sales are a response to our community’s growing desire for enhanced access to the ideas of tomorrow, and we are super pumped to have it come to fruition. 

At Polkastarter, we are always looking for ways to expand our impact and provide more offerings and opportunities to our users – this is our next step. With the introduction of private sales, we are getting our community even closer in on all the action, enabling them to back the best projects like the pros do.

Let’s level the playing field 💪

While still in the works, our first private sale is coming soon, and we’ll be sure to share more info as we get closer to finalizing all the details. Importantly, the introduction of Private Sales doesn’t mean each upcoming IDO will feature such a sale.

50,000+ $POLS Power Tier added

After several years with the current tier system, we’re also introducing a new Tier to Polkastarter’s $POLS Power, the system determining each IDO participant’s allocation to token sales they get access to. 

We have added a new Tier for users with more than 50,000+ $POLS Power – as a response to larger $POLS holders’ increasing appetite for additional opportunities on Polkastarter.

The new 50,000+ $POLS Power Tier will unlock guaranteed access to all private sales and more bespoke access to all things Polkastarter.

Note: Other $POLS Power Tiers may be eligible for private sales, depending on specific project criteria, but access is not guaranteed.

The new 50,000+ $POLS Tier also comes with more additional benefits – guaranteed allowlist spot and higher allocation to each IDO on Polkastarter. Together with that, anyone with 50,000+ $POLS Power will get “fast-track” – enabling them to skip project questions before applying for a sale.

In the upcoming months, with the introduction of user profiles, we will be slowly moving away from the current FCFS sale model with the aim of providing guaranteed allocation to every allowlisted user, regardless of their $POLS Power tier or allocation size. More information will be shared as we progress. 

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