Recap: Polkastarter End of Year Festival

Grand Rewards and highlights from our end of year campaign


The Polkastarter End of Year Festival has concluded!

From December 1 to December 15, we took the community on an epic adventure with various rewards from Polkastarter and a number of our partners.

We gave away IDO allowlists, tokens, NFTs, and more to send 2023 out in style, delight our supporters, and get everyone warmed up for the upcoming IDO szn on Polkastarter.

Serial Festival participants entered a raffle for The Festival’s Grand Rewards – 18 additional IDO allowlists for 2024. Those who completed the most quests (900+ leaderboard points) were allocated 14 total allowlists for the raffle, while those with 600+ leaderboard points were allocated 4 total allowlists.

Qualify for the Grand Rewards? Enter the 900+ leaderboard points raffle here and the 600+ leaderboard points raffle here before 10:59AM UTC December 22 (Friday).

Here is a recap of it all…

  • 15 Festival days & rewards
  • 10 Polkastarter ecosystem partners
  • 15,000+ quests completed
  • 400K+ impressions on X

A huge thank you to everyone who came in and especially our partners who made The Festival a reality 💗


Day 1: Allowlists x3
Day 2: Galxe XP boost
Day 3: $WOMBAT + NFTs from Wombat
Day 4: Packs + Tickets from RealFevr
Day 5: $OKLP from OkLetsPlay
Day 6: Lepton NFTs from Charged Particles
Day 7: Gem & Gear Starter Packs from Planet Mojo
Day 8: Allowlists x2
Day 9: Galxe XP boost
Day 10: Merch from Polkastarter + Poolside Hub access
Day 11: $USDC + NFTs from Crypto Fight Club
Day 12: $CERE from Cere Network
Day 13: Galxe XP boost
Day 14: Premium subscriptions from Kattana
Day 15: Allowlists x2

Grand Rewards: 18x IDO allowlists for 2024

  • 14 for participants with 900+ leaderboard points → enter the raffle here
  • 4 for participants with 600+ leaderboard points → enter the raffle here

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