One-time KYC now on Polkastarter, in partnership with Synaps

We've got some exciting news to share that's going to make your IDO journey a whole lot smoother - Welcome the One-time KYC!


What's the deal? From now on, there will be no more jumping through hoops with KYC for every single IDO you want to join. In partnership with, you only need to go through the KYC process once, and voilà! 

Get ready to say goodbye to KYC forms and hello to the seamless IDO experience. 

Here’s what will happen:

From now on, will be the primary KYC provider for the token sales happening on Polkastarter. *In the future, we may collaborate with multiple partners on that front

Every user who wins the allowlist spot and goes through the full KYC journey on Synaps will have their verification status saved by Synaps and when selected for IDO again - have their verification status automatically checked via Synaps API. No need to search for KYC emails and click links. 

One more small update: once you’re verified, the KYC status will be updating to ‘Allowlisted’ automatically on the Polkastarter dashboard. No more ‘KYC open’ pending after your KYC is complete.

Remember: you need to go through the full KYC process on Synaps for your next IDO. The process will look similar to before - you will need to click the KYC link in the email from the project or start KYC by clicking the ‘KYC Open’ application status directly on the dashboard, and complete the KYC journey from the project page, in the KYC pop-up window.

Important: you need to apply for the allowlists with the same wallet and email that you used for your Synaps account.

That’s it! Completed your Synaps KYC? You're all set to dive into multiple sales. Just remember to mark your calendar and stay in the loop with upcoming IDOs.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Telegram or Discord

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