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A Metaverse centered around fine art


If you’re going to participate in ArtMeta’s IDO, this article is for you. Yesterday, we hosted a live AMA with ArtMeta’s CEO - Roger Haas.

They are a Metaverse focused on fine art 1/1 NFTs. Roger gave more information ahead of the project’s Polkastarter IDO. He made a few exciting product updates, including about adding staking to the platform.

Buzzing to hear more about the project? Let’s see what ArtMeta is all about.

What is ArtMeta’s Vision?

ArtMeta wants to become the go-to Metaverse for fine art. Now, that’s bold. ArtMeta wants to onboard art galleries that will:

  • Create exclusive art NFTs.
  • Present and sell them directly in ArtMeta Metaverse.

The galleries will have an incentive to promote their projects and ArtMeta at the same time. In return, ArtMeta provides each gallery and its artists with complete freedom. They can design their space in the ArtMeta Metaverse whichever way they want - the creators can express their vision.

On the other hand, ArtMeta’s users can explore different gallery spaces without being confined by the limitations of traditional galleries. Users can learn more about the different artists exploring the Metaverse. They can support their favourites by purchasing their NFTs using the $MART token.

ArtMeta will take a percentage of each NFT sale to fund its Metaverse. They will also collect rent from the galleries that use it.

What’s the Team Behind ArtMeta?
ArtMeta’s team combines creativity, work ethic and tech experience. Jonathan Delachaux and Romain Donnot created ArtMeta - an idea that has been 11 years in the making. Here are the different team members:

  • Roger Haas is the CEO and the head of sourcing at ArtMeta. He has huge experience in the art space as a former founder and director of two different galleries.
  • Romain Donnot is the head of platform development at ArtMeta. He has been interested in creating an art Metaverse for a long-time, being a former co-creator of a similar company. Romain has also been the head of post-production for a Netflix production called “Demonic.”
  • Jonathan Delachaux is the artistic director of ArtMeta. He has worked with different people, from a geologist to an astrologist to ensure that the Metaverse is realistic as possible. But that’s not all. Jonathan has also worked with an economist and an ex-UN diplomat to find the best way to set up a virtual society.

What is ArtMeta’s Product?
ArtMeta is a hyper-realistic virtual island that’s centred around fine art. It aims to become a state-of-the-art metaverse that will eliminate the boundaries of the physical world. It will give creators the freedom to express their artistic vision and discover new opportunities.

ArtMeta is an easy way for visitors and artists to explore the Metaverse through fine art. The project plans to have regular live events and high-end exhibitions. It wants to be the perfect mix of Soho, Art Basel, and the Venice Biennale and allow art enthusiasts to purchase rare art NFTs from the best artists and galleries in the world.

ArtMeta is going into a huge market - Art Basel made an estimated 91M in revenue last year. If the project can capture only 10% of that revenue, it would be a success. ArtMeta will use TrustSwap’s tools to mint and distribute their tokens, ensuring the highest security standards. They are planning to add staking to the platform pretty soon.

Community Questions

Who are the backers of ArtMeta? I heard that ArtMeta was funded from the swiss government? Is it true or just a rumor? Kindly clarify, please.

Roger Haas (ArtMeta)
Thanks for your question, Mahir. The Canton of Geneva gave us an early stage grant from its culture fund. We are not funded by the Swiss government.

Does your project support staking system?

Roger Haas (ArtMeta)
Yes, you will be able to stake and win high-quality NFTs. Potentially there will be some staking rewards.

ArtMeta is a really exciting development in merging the traditional art world with NFT's and Web3. I'm sure you have many partnerships with galleries and art fairs lined up, I'm curious if ArtMeta will launch online fair events coinciding with major fairs in the art calendar such as Art Basel and Frieze or if you anticipate a physical presence at them too?

Roger Haas (ArtMeta)
We are working on lots of collaborations right now... stay tuned about news for this...

Gökhan Tonga
Dear Roger, thanks for participation in this beatiful AMA with us. You are very experienced with art and galleries the way we know so far :). You told that you were bored of the old fashion way with galleries and art pieces, what do you think the market share of digital art in near future? We are evolving to a new age as we all know, I want to hear from a proffesional. Thanks in advance, wish you luck.

Roger Haas (ArtMeta)
The Digital Art Market is a huge-to-be market and will rapidly grow in the years to come... it will not necessarily be disruptive but add up to the traditional market... and open up new market possibilites for traditional galleries

Hello Sir😎
How big is your marketing team and do you have an experienced team? Are you a public team and how can we trust your project is legit?

Roger Haas (ArtMeta)
We have just onboarded a head of marketing, who is currently building out her team. We are also in the process of onboarding other key members, who we will be announcing soon.

There are many fraudulent projects these days. Pulling the rug causes a loss for the investor. Why do we need to trust your project? Aren't you going to do the same?

Can you tell me the revenue model?

Roger Haas (ArtMeta)
We will lock our liquidity tokens on so a rug pull will technically not be possible. It is not worth it to destroy our reputation.

The business model will be similar like the one from an art fair. The art galleries need to pay rental fees for their spaces. E.g. Art Basel had an estimated 91M revenue last year. If we manage to get only 10% of that revenue we are talking about 9M USD of revenue per year.

Many projects have really good products, great backers but still fail because they sell too much NFT. So how to increase NFT value in ArtMeta project? while developers still want to sell lots of NFT to increase revenue?

Most of the retail investors only focus on the price of the token, when the price goes up they are happy when it goes down they get scared and panic, as we can see now that many projects just create hype in the beginning and don't last long. market, So how does your project solve this problem?

Roger Haas (ArtMeta)
ArtMeta will focus on 1/1 NFTs, not saying we won't publish editions... We will collaborate with galleries and artists on unique projects that can't be seen anywhere else…

ArtMeta will be working directly with renowned galleries who have participated in art fairs such as Art Basel, FIAC and Frieze... we may open up a part of the metaverse to emerging artists at a later stage...

Andrei Andrei
Do you have in mind a number of how much you will charge the galleries or what percentage you will take from NFT sales?

Roger Haas (ArtMeta)
We are closely working and talking to galleries about this in order to find a fair solution for everyone involved... artists, galleries... and platform...

Michael <3 Crypto
What aspects of art does your project rely more on, the quality of art or utility behind that art? @rogerhaas

Roger Haas (ArtMeta)
it's definitely about the quality but artists start to engage with the utility factor as well...

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