Catching Up with Polkastars: UnoRe

Our “Catching up with Polkastars” series is back with yet another update.


This time, the project in focus is UnoRe, the world’s first insurance and reinsurance trading platform. We reached out to the UnoRe team and asked about their progress, achievements and future plans, after being successfully funded in September 2021.

Before we jump into the updates, let’s refresh our memories on what UnoRe is and does, for those who haven’t had the pleasure of interacting with the project.

UnoRe is safeguarding the crypto and DeFi ecosystem with their dApp CoverPortal, protecting a total of 82 DeFi protocols and 6 stablecoins with their customized cover bundles. It allows the community to design innovative insurance products, thus propelling a new generation of insuretech-based companies into the UnoRe ecosystem.

General updates

The project’s Total Value Locked (TVL) in their risk pools reached $1.82M, allowing users to become the risk providers for their covers. Moreover, they created the first fully-insured bridge between Avalanche and Fantom with ApexNodes.


UnoRe made some important moves on the partnerships front with some notable updates.  partnered with significant projects such as Bloktopia. UnoRe will be the first insurance provider within the Bloktopia metaverse.

Another important collaboration for UnoRe is the one with Router, a cross-chain liquidity aggregator and infrastructure layer enabling communication between blockchains. The partnership will see UnoRe provide the Router Protocol with staking pool coverage of up to $184,095, ensuring the security of staked funds.

In the same vein, Uno Re closed a partnership to provide insurance coverage for feature-specific smart contracts of Galaxy Blitz, a play-to-earn combat strategy NFT game with a focus on science-fiction.

Product updates

Uno Re launched their Cover Portal, a decentralized insurance interface that allows users to purchase a gasless cover bundle supported on their dApp. The Cover Portal enables easy access to insurance, a place where DeFi users can insure their crypto-assets in simple steps.

What Does The Future Hold for Uno Re? What’s in The Roadmap?

The team is already working on CoverPortal v2.0, adding new protocols, as well as dashboards to achieve more transparency for users and integrations with DeFi platforms.

What does Uno Re want people to use their network for?

The current security problems in DeFi protocols, block the mass sector adoption sector, which is why Uno Re offers smart contract and De-Peg covers for gasless purchases. People should test their CoverPortal and see how easy and convenient it is to use.

What was the Polkastarter experience like for Uno Re?

It was a great experience, we are glad that we have chosen Polkastarter they supported us on our marketing strategies, marketing support and. helping us to expand our reach.”

Want to learn more about UnoRe?

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