Breaking down the highly anticipated $AEG IDO

From Wheel of Time Exclusivity to $AEG Utility


Aether Games, a transmedia development studio, is gearing up for its Initial IDO on Polkastarter to support its existing development of immersive gaming experiences for both web2 and web3 audiences. As a transmedia studio, they specialize in content spanning diverse media platforms, the studio employs transmedia storytelling to distribute narrative elements across various channels. 

Since their inception in November 2021, the team has focused on business development and product, gaining attention from industry leaders, investors, titles and an ever-growing community of passionate gamers.  

Let’s take a deeper look:

Team & Experience

Aether Games boasts a healthy team of 25, having previously contributed to blockbuster projects like Hearthstone, Love, Death & Robots, Legends of Runeterra, and God of War. Their extensive portfolio of experience gives them a decent headstart over the competition, not only on product and business development, but on reputation as well.   

The Wheel of Time Exclusivity

Aether Games holds exclusive rights as the sole developer for the digital trading card game "Cards of Eternity: Wheel of Time." This collaboration with the 30-year-old Wheel of Time franchise, backed by over 100 million book sales and 2,700 characters, signifies a significant industry shift, of which Aether Games has now secured a top tier spot with a multi-billion dollar title. 

Leading Investors

With $11M in funding from prominent web3 investors like Magic Eden, Merit Circle, P2 Ventures, Spyre Capital, Cogitent Ventures, Master Ventures, X Bridge, Enigma Fund, Naka Ventures, Ultra and more, Aether Games has secured substantial backing, solidifying its position in the industry whilst receiving an honest stamp of approval and trust. 

Community & Traction

Aether Games has organically cultivated a community with 100K Twitter followers, 60K Discord members, and 50K Telegram users. Their focus on product success, over the usual aggressive marketing, has resulted in a dedicated and engaged player base of 15,000 for their Trading Card Game.

Range of Products

"Cards of Eternity: Wheel of Time" and "Aether Saga" stand out as key offerings. The former, a digital trading card game, is set to launch its closed beta in 2024, featuring AI integration and over 200 Wheel of Time cards. "Aether Saga" serves as a CGI proof of concept featuring characters from the Aether Franchise.

$AEG Token Utility

The $AEG token functions as a craft material (what you nest inside of a card to make an NFT) and a pure player-to-player currency, facilitating seamless trading within the gaming community, concentrating its utility within the most passionate and active communities who see huge value and potential in Aether Games. 

Aether uses a 4337 account abstraction wallet allowing traditional gamers to enter web3 gaming without having previous experience or even a wallet. Simply make an account and you’ll automatically have a wallet within the Aether platform. Players can receive part of the tokens back by disenchanting their NFTs while also receiving crafting materials. All this creates natural and actual demand for the token within the player base, giving a unique position to $AEG. 

Market Opportunity

The transmedia market is experiencing explosive growth, with top titles like Arcane, The Last of Us, and Dota leading the way. After Aether Games pivoted to transmedia, coupled with their Wheel of Time partnership, they seem very well positioned to remain as a top-tier studio for a long time. The rapid growth of the market ensures some interesting opportunities lie ahead, should they remain ahead of the curve and pick up on exciting trends early.

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