Announcing the newest Polkastarter Council Members, April 2021

We’re proud to welcome Huobi Polkadot Ecosystem Fund, Polygon, Alchemy, OKEx’s Blockdream Fund, Signum Capital, NGC Ventures, Morningstar Ventures and Eric Wang on the Polkastarter Council.


The Polkastarter Council is a group of independent companies and projects that take part in the Polkastarter selection process and help guide the development of the platform. The Council is a reflection of the expertise of the Web3 ecosystem and the vision of Polkastarter: to provide access to the highest-potential projects in the space with the support of industry experts.

Today, we are proud to announce the eight newest members of the Polkastarter Council: Huobi Polkadot Ecosystem Fund, Polygon (prev. Matic), OKEx’s Blockdream Fund, Alchemy, Signum Capital, NGC Ventures, Morningstar Ventures and Eric Wang from Parity Technologies.

Huobi Polkadot Ecosystem Fund

Huobi (Polkadot Ecosystem Fund) is a newly-launched fund dedicated to supporting innovative projects built around the Polkadot ecosystem.

“Polkastarter has emerged as a leading protocol to find and support young, high-potential projects through a fair and compliant IDO process. We are proud to be joining the Polkastarter Council to provide our insights to the project selection process and the development of the platform. Huobi and Polkastarter are similarly aligned in our desire to support innovative, early-stage solutions in the Web3 space, and we look forward to how this engagement will achieve that vision.” — Huobi Polkadot Ecosystem Fund

Polygon (Matic)

Polygon, previously Matic, is a protocol and framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, providing scale and throughput for the Ethereum dapp ecosystem.

“Polygon is proud to join the Polkastarter Council alongside so many impressive ecosystem participants. We have been watching the extraordinary growth of the Polkastarter platform over the last few months and have been impressed with the professionalism of the team and the strength of the community. Joining the Council provides us with the opportunity to support emerging teams that are building fundamental components of the Web3 ecosystem.” — Polygon

OKEx (Blockdream Fund)

OKEx is a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform providing financial services to crypto traders globally. Block Dream Fund is an investment institution under OKEx, focusing on exploring the best blockchain projects across the globe, supporting the most cutting-edge blockchain technology innovation, promoting the healthy development of the global blockchain industry, and focusing on long-term structural value investment.

Block Dream Fund’s Founder Dora Yue, Partner Steven Song, and Investment Director Jack Ning “joined the Polkastarter Council to explore the best blockchain projects worldwide, and support the most advanced blockchain technology innovations. IDOs are a great market heat indicator and signal of market strength, and of project strength.”


Alchemy is the most widely used blockchain developer platform, providing web3 developers with the fundamental building blocks they need to create the future of technology, and lower the barrier to entry for developers to build blockchain applications. Alchemy currently powers 70% of the top Ethereum applications and over $15 billion in on-chain transactions with access to run nodes and offset infrastructure maintenance costs. Alchemy has been invested in by Pantera, Coinbase, Samsung, Communitas Capital, and more.

“Polkastarter and Alchemy share the all-important goal of enabling talented Web3 teams with mission critical resources and tools. By joining the Polkastarter council we hope to further improve the lives of developers in the space. We see IDOs as the next evolution of democratizing the access to capital for projects that are fundraising. This new fundraising model offers better liquidity, open and fair trading which ultimately accelerates project launches.” — Nikil Viswanathan, Alchemy CEO

Morningstar Ventures

Morningstar Ventures is an investment company focused on fintech and blockchain, and has invested in projects such as Ethernity Chain, Chain Guardians, and many more.

Signum Capital

Signum Capital is an investment firm focused on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Signum Capital has invested in early stage blockchain startups and decentralized protocols such as Ren, Origin Protocol, bZx, OneLedger, and more.

NGC Ventures

NGC Ventures, one of the largest institutional investors in blockchain technologies, has invested in companies such as Terra Virtua, Convergence Finance, 0(1) Labs, and Reef Finance.

Eric Wang is the Ecosystem Development Lead at Parity Technologies, which builds infrastructure for the blockchain ecosystem. He is joining the Polkastarter Council as an individual contributor. Previously, he was a co-founder of Archon, and currently serves as an Advisor to Equilibrium and Injective Protocol.

These newest Council members join our existing four members: Digital Finance Group (DFG), AU21 Capital, Astronaut Capital, and Moonrock Capital.

Together, the twelve members of the Polkastarter Council reflect the breadth of the Web3 ecosystem, with representation from both the institutional and DeFi worlds. We are proud to have the support of such strong teams within the blockchain space!

As of April 2, 40 projects have been supported through Polkastarter, which have collectively received over 6,592 ETH through 80 pools, and have a combined market cap of nearly $2B USD. The Polkastarter community has grown over 2x in the last month alone, to more than 260,000 around the world.

Council Membership

Council members will take part in the selection process for incoming applications to launch on Polkastarter. The final step of the Polkastarter application is a vote by Council members, with 60% needing to vote in favor of a project for it to be accepted for a Polkastarter IDO.

Collectively, the Polkastarter Council must hold 5% of the total POLS supply and be recognized as active, public, and credible contributors to the blockchain ecosystem.

About Polkastarter

Polkastarter is the fully decentralized protocol for launching new ideas. Our curation process and industry access enable us to offer the best new projects in blockchain and digital assets.

With Polkastarter, decentralized projects can raise awareness, build a loyal community, and receive long-term support. Users of the platform will be able to participate in a secure and compliant environment, and use assets both in and beyond the current ERC20 standard.

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