Announcing The Great Leap For The Polkastarter ($POLS) Vision

Revealing the 4 Verticals for Polkastarter leading Web3 fundraising ecosystem: the launchpad, accelerators; hubs; and content & events.


At Polkastarter, we fundamentally believe in transitioning financial and fundraising mechanics from Web2 to Web3. For us, it is natural that all fundraising will eventually happen using blockchain technology. It’s more efficient, more transparent, and more inclusive.

Becoming the #1 fundraising platform in the Web3 space was always our North Star, and our launchpad was the first step towards fully realizing this vision. After launching +100 projects that collectively raised +$50M USD from 80,000 backers, it’s time to add new chapters to the $POLS utility and ecosystem.

Today we are excited to announce the launch of the 4 Verticals of the Polkastarter and $POLS vision: the launchpad, accelerators, hubs, and content & events.

This is an essential step towards empowering entrepreneurs and builders in the Web3 space, the next giant leap to solidify Polkastarter as the leader of the decentralized fundraising universe.

1. Accelerators

This week we are partnering with a Web3 Accelerator. A 12-week program for a highly vetted selection of startups. With this program, we intend to fully extend our support to entrepreneurs and builders, enabling them to raise capital in Web3 and launch a successful, profitable, and scalable business in the space.

The acceleration program will not only be a great source of new companies for our launchpad, but it will also contribute to increasing innovation in the Web3 space by promoting key verticals, like Defi, CeDefi, NFTs, Refi, Gaming, Data, Infrastructure, and others.

2. Hubs

In early 2023, we’ll partner with a +3,000 square feet Web3 Hub in Lisbon to empower and support entrepreneurs in the Web3 ecosystem. The hub will include a coworking space with 60 seats; an auditorium for conferences, events, and parties; a restaurant; and three outside areas for eating and drinking. Web3 hubs will play a big part in our vision, as it will be the perfect setup to source new ideas and startups while involving blockchain partners and companies.

3. The Multi-Chain Launchpad

Our mission with the primary platform is to enable credible and vetted projects to fundraise in a secure and scalable environment. We have already empowered over 100 startups to raise capital from +80,000 investors, and now it’s time to increase the scope of our leading platform.

Now, Polkastarter Launchpad is becoming more social, with new features like an improved profile, a new wallet system, and notifications. In addition, we will be adding new financial products and trying novelty sales that include seed and private-sale rounds, different NFT sales, and other experimental models.

We will be rolling out these new features during 2023 and will continue with our mission to protect $POLS holders and only launch highly vetted companies during favorable markets. This means that sometimes it might get slower on the launchpad side, but it won’t mean we aren’t full steam on other fronts.

4. Content & Events

2022 became the year we kickstarted our events and content strategy to incentivize and grow our community. Of course, healthy online communities and educational content were always part of Polkastarter’s strategy, with initiatives like the Poolside Podcast or the Gaming Guild. Still, now we are stepping up in a big way.

As you might have noticed, we just released Gam3 Awards, the first gaming awards ceremony fully dedicated to Web3 games, with +100 games competing for 16 categories. At the same time, we are promoting the first Polkastarter Hackathon, devoted entirely to the NFT market.

2023 will be a year full of hackathons, conferences, and events to incentivize and give back to $POLS holders while supporting builders in their pathway to success. So stay tuned.

The exciting new possibilities for $POLS holders

Holding the $POLS token will unlock the Polkastarter ecosystem's full potential. Besides getting access to token sales at the Polkastarter multi-chain launchpad, you will also be able to:

  • Get access to the possible seed and private sales coming from accelerated projects
  • Use $POLS as a governance token for critical ecosystem and accelerator decisions
  • Access to exclusive events at the $POLS Hub
  • Get priority access to gated and private Web3 events
  • Use $POLS to fast-track your applications to hackathons and other initiatives
  • Get early and exclusive access to gaming token sales and NFT airdrops

Next steps
Announcements and progress of our vision are already commencing next week with the accelerator launch. Stay tuned and keep an eye on our social feeds as more news will be dropping soon.

Polkastarter's Vision “Ask Me Anything”

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