Aether Games Private Sale: How to Participate

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Got the memo? We’ve been listening to your yearning and are bringing Private Sales to Polkastarter, with Aether Games being the first project to get one.

What is a Private Sale?
A Private Sale on Polkastarter is similar to a Public Sale, but with the following key differences:

  • Lower token price ($0.04 vs $0.045 in the case of Aether Games)
  • Longer vesting period/cliff (20% unlock at TGE, 3 months cliff + 9 months linear vesting for Aether Games)

A great new opportunity for the $POLS community, Private Sales will be accessible to a select number of users – to guarantee higher allocations within a smaller total raise compared to an IDO. Of course, we are launching the first iteration – Aether Games, ticker $AEG – in a flexible way, looking to garner as much community feedback as possible and adapt where needed for future Private Sales.

How to Participate in the Aether Games Private Sale

  1. Check out all the details about Aether Games on the private sale page
  2. Get to know the Private Sale details and tokenomics
  3. Apply for the Private Sale – very similar to the IDO process

Other important details:

  • Application for the Allowlist is open to anyone with 10,000+ POLS Power.
  • Users with 50,000+ POLS Power get guaranteed access to the allowlist. (You still need to go through the application process).
  • Allocation is dependent on POLS Power – e.g. 10,000+ POLS Power will get a smaller allocation than 50,000+ POLS Power.
  • First Come First Serve (FCFS) for this sale. We’ll be moving to guaranteed allocations later on, keep you posted anon.
  • Allowlisted users can commit their max allocation or any amount under.
  • Tokens will be distributed as per the specified vesting scheme.
  • KYC is still required.

Learn more about Aether Games and apply for the Private Sale here.

About Polkastarter
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