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FreshCut is a web3 short-form gaming content platform and community. It’s a platform that combines short-form gaming videos and a community token, FreshCut Diamonds ($FCD), to redefine creator-fan engagement and showcase top-level gaming experiences.

Creators earn the $FCD token for uploading their clips. Fans earn the token for watching creator content, sharing it and by being active in our community. The FreshCut ecosystem is backed by industry-leading VCs, strategics, and operators, including Galaxy Interactive, Animoca Brands, Republic Crypto, and Polygon.

🗓  FreshCut allowlist is open until May 5th and you can apply on their project page.

James Kuk Background

James Kuk is the co-founder and CEO of FreshCut. Before embarking on this project, he was Head of Global Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at Twitch where he led commercial relationships with major gaming companies, esports leagues, social platforms and other creator ecosystem services.

He also worked at Xbox Studios leading publishing and development for major IP and franchises the likes of Halo and Gears, spearheading Xbox’s global esports initiatives. For example, the Halo Championship Series which thrives to this day.

Apart from his long and extensive experience in the space, James is a big believer in the power of crypto/web3. He is an active community participant and investor himself and wants to create new ecosystems that give value back to the community.


The FreshCut vision is to be the home for short form gaming content and to share rightful value back to creators and community members - something that legacy web2 social platforms fail big time.

The global gaming content category has been growing over 40% YoY for the last 4+ years and the short form clips segment is incredibly fragmented, dismally underserved and taken advantage of by mega web2 social platforms. Gaming has over 1 billion fans globally playing and watching games and they all deserve a better experience, better value.

FreshCut aims to offer innovative features to reward creators and fans via create-and-earn and watch-and-earn mechanics, unlocking value previously captured by web2 platforms.

This year, they’ll be introducing some very interesting, collectible mechanics that play into this system.

FreshCut Ecosystem

The FreshCut ecosystem includes:

  • A mobile app (iOS and Android) for optimal watching of short form gaming content
  • The $FCD token
  • The web viewing experience for desktop
  • A community of creators, fans, esports and game studio partners

They are currently partnered with some of the best gaming creators including Brycent, Chief Pat, Mystiq7 with many more great names to come.

Once the $FCD is live on exchanges after the Token Generation Event (TGE) on May 12, you’ll be able to earn $FCD by participating in their Discord community events.

Later this summer, you will be able to earn in-app $FCD for watching content and completing quests. FreshCut believes this to be one of the first gaming content apps to launch with an integrated token. Most people know “exercise-and-earn” - Freshut will be introducing “watch-and-earn”. This model will allow you to earn $FCD for watching League of Legends highlights or funny Fortnite fails on FreshCut.

In the future, they will create added utility for $FCD by partnering with other projects in the web3 ecosystem, building out their membership program where $FCD holders get valuable rewards and privileges, expanding their community events both in real life and online, as well as adding sustainable revenue streams like advertising and NFTs.

The FreshCut ecosystem will also include games and game companies they'll be looking to strike partnerships with, which is part of the reason they have strategic investors like Animoca, C2X (Com2Us) and Polygon. Each of these web3 gaming companies have a massive portfolio and FreshCut is a perfect fit to grow games, creators and communities together.

The FreshCut Team

James and the co-founding team come from Twitch where they grew and scaled the platform to 100s of millions of dedicated fans and community members. They worked with some of the biggest creators, game publishers, and eSports organizations in the world such as Blizzard, Riot, Valve, Ubisoft, PUBG and many others.

They have a team that understands gaming and game creators. For example, the Chief Content Officer, ​​Ernest Le, was one of the earliest content creators on Twitch and YouTube that helped build the Twitch Creator Program, onboarding their creator community to over 30,000 partners.

The Chief Product Officer, Ben Stueck, worked on the creator tools that millions of Twitch creators used.

While at Twitch, the team saw that there was no home for short form gaming content on the internet and wanted to fix that. They also saw that traditional web2 business models don't reward the creators, fans, and community. That’s not the right way to do business and that’s why they built FreshCut. Today they’re a team of 25+ with experience building some of the best creator and community products in the world - from Twitch, Xbox, and Microsoft to Reddit, and other leading companies.

What Makes FreshCut Different From Competition?

First and foremost, they're unique in what they do and there are no other projects doing the same thing with a natively integrated token.

Here are some of the features that make FreshCut unique:

  1. Dedicated gaming content curation and service to gaming fans
  2. Disruptive and FAIR value distribution to creators and community
  3. Native token integration for proper rewards and incentives, and most importantly, fun entertainment
  4. Creator and game partnerships and Creator Fund

FreshCut is complementary to the streaming platforms and more competitive with TikTok/IG who don’t offer an optimal viewing experience for gaming content. It’s hard to find your favorite games, creators, on those platforms and NONE of them focus on gaming. FreshCut delivers an experience that is tailored to the needs of gaming content fans, as well as creators.

Compared to any of the web2 legacy content platforms that take the majority of profits away from creators (30-50%), FreshCut gives creators 90% of tips on the platform with 10% going back to the community treasury. The project’s tokenomics are focused on delivering more value for creators and the community from day 1.

FreshCut is building a thriving ecosystem around $FCD by integrating it in the app, community events, in order to reward the creators and fans that help to build the platform.

Finally, they’re already partnering with the biggest names in web3 gaming creators like Brycent, Chief Pat, and Mystic7 as well as some well known web2 streamers like JERICHO. Later this summer they will be launching a major Creator Fund initiative to support and onboard new and existing creators on FreshCut.


This summer they'll integrate their native wallet into the mobile app so users and creators can earn $FCD within iOS/Android via create-and-earn and watch/engage-and-earn mechanics. Fans will be able to earn $FCD for completing daily/weekly quests, watching videos from their favorite creators, and participating in the community.

You can watch and earn FCD and get rewarded for doing what you already like. Similar to a great model today — StepN, an exercise to earn an NFT game. For creators, they'll receive $FCD for creating content and engaging with fans.

They’ll also introduce the FreshCut Membership Program where fans can use $FCD to purchase memberships that give them varying levels of access, benefits and perks. This idea is inspired by some great membership models that always reward their community like the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Proof Collective.  

They’re also thinking about advertising and enabling creators to design, create and sell digital collectibles as additional revenue streams in the future.

From a growth perspective, it all starts with creators. FreshCut is focused on onboarding creators in 2022 and bringing their communities along with them. They have a full blitz plan to onboard creators after TGE and the rest of the year.


No project comes without its challenges. Here are some of the core hurdles that inspired us to build and continue developing FreshCut:

  • Creator and community monetization: Currently, big web2 social platform players like Instagram and TikTok take 100% of creator content and share back virtually 0%. FreshCut wants to redefine this paradigm and share more value back to the creators and community.
  • Discovery: As things stand, discovering good short-form gaming content and creators is hard for fans. Gaming content is currently siloed across platforms that aren't built for gaming content and as result, you have a suboptimal user experience.

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Community Questions

Matic dúói 3$ ko bán
Almost 80% of investors have just focused on the price of a token in the short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us the motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in the long term?

nolabeast - FreshCut
Utility wise this is how the token will be used:

  • Earned by community members, creators —> Create and earn, fans —> Watch/engage and earn
  • Evergreen FreshCut Membership program
  • Digital collectibles, creator collectibles, NFTs
  • Event participation, tournaments, IRL events

As far as value creation goes, bringing in advertising revenue and other revenue streams like the sales of products. Web2 platforms sit on over $100 billion in ad revenue. Even though it will take time to steal some of that share, we will share that back with token holders.

Unlike the majority of web3 projects, the FreshCut team has an unusually long vesting schedule — we vest over 4 years, whereas in many web3 projects, teams will vest anywhere between 6 months to 2 years. If you see a project with a team that has less than 12-18 months of a vesting schedule, we suggest you put on your caution hat on.

Crypto Daku
Non-crypto users are very important for mainstream adoption. How are you planning to attract non-crypto users towards your project? Is there any upcoming partnership that will bring non-crypto users and real-use cases?

nolabeast - FreshCut
We see ourselves as a bridge between web2 and web3 user bases. Web3 projects will only grow bigger insofar the rest of the world (i.e. web2 users) adopts web3.

As a result, our project caters to both web2 and web3 fans. It doesn't matter if content is based on an awesome web2 game, e.g. Call of Duty, League of Legends, or an awesome web3 game, e.g. Phantom Galaxies, Illuvium - fans of gaming content will watch as long as great creators are making content with these amazing games.

So instead of catering to the same 100,000 crypto whale wallets, we're building a platform that first solves an entertainment problem and needs for 100s of millions of gamers and fans. They will be able to discover both web2 and web3 games and creators and in doing so, will discover $FCD as the underpinning of that entertainment, earning, spending and using. The beauty is that FCD is owned by the USER, not by any company or platform (a la Meta/Facebook/TikTok).

kaushal $flow
FreshCut users are very important for mainstream adoption. How are you planning to attract FreshCut users towards your project? Is there any upcoming partnership that will bring  FreshCut users and real-use cases?

nolabeast - FreshCut
We have partnerships with the top web3 content creators, Brycent, Chief Pat, and Mystic7.  This is unparalleled.

We also have partnerships with top Esports leagues/properties like Smash World Tour (the largest Smash Brothers tournament in the world), and EVO (the largest fighting game championship in the world). We'll be announcing many more over the course of the year.

There are lots of great partnerships in the works with Games (web2 and web3), web3/crypto platforms, creators and esports. We also have partnerships with Polygon, Animoca, C2X (Com2Us), Republic and many more.

Una Fusco
What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market?

nolabeast - FreshCut
Our token is natively integrated into the FreshCut platform. We're first to market, and there's nothing like this out today. Our team is made of ex-Twitch members who know the gaming creator and community space very intimately. You cannot reproduce the experience and inside knowledge. We've done this before and we are confident we can recreate it in a much better version. We have unparalleled investors and advisors from top strategic names in web2 and web3.

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