5 Reasons Why We’re Launching Overlay Protocol

From Product-market fit to valuation


Looking ahead to 2024, the Polkastarter vision remains the same: to level the playing field in early-stage fundraising and enable anyone to get access to web3 innovation.

As you may have already heard, we've just announced the comeback of IDOs to Polkastarter and we got the Overlay Protocol IDO coming soon

And why did we choose Overlay Protocol to kick off the new IDO season? Here are 5 reasons why 👇

1. Backed by the best

Overlay Protocol investors include Polychain Capital, 1kx, ParaFi, Metacartel Ventures, The LAO, and others.

With the backing of these industry heavy hitters, Overlay is in prime position to successfully navigate the complexities of the market and implement its vision to become the de-facto market leader in the exotic DEXs space. 

Their backing is a testament to Overlay's addressable market, the team’s ability to execute against its vision, and the general promise of the project going forward. As Overlay continues to evolve, this impressive investor lineup serves as a solid foundation, propelling the project toward new heights within the digital asset ecosystem.

2. Valuation

Overlay Protocol has a 16 million Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV) and an attractive initial market cap of $363k at IDO. This combination of a fair FDV and a low initial market cap at launch makes Overlay a rarity - one of the few projects in the current crypto market with such metrics.

The protocol-native $OV token’s tokenomics are designed in a fair and sustainable manner, balancing between users interests and protocol sustainability. With a large percentage of tokens reserved for early stakeholders, Overlay is adamant in giving first adopters a sizable piece of the pie. 

3. Product-market fit

Overlay Protocol is uniquely positioned to fill a gargantuan vacuum in trading – illiquid markets. With no other protocol currently offering the same optionality and variety of exotic markets, Overlay is slated for massive adoption across the board. 

Traders have long been looking for a way to trade (and create) more exotic markets and tap into a wider array of previously unutilized data feeds in search of their next big move.By allowing the creation of markets on nearly any scalar data, Overlay gives traders and other market participants a bespoke toolbox designed to increase liquidity and the overall pool of options available to them.

Examples of markets Overlay users can trade:

  • Trading cards
  • Rare sneakers
  • Elon Musk tweets
  • $BTC dominance vs altcoins
  • CS:GO, DotA and various other video game items
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club and other NFT collections’ floor
  • Additional optionality around digital collectibles across various chains
  • + way more

Overlay Protocol isn't solely involved in trading – the team is also pioneering the exploration of assets that were previously unimaginable in traditional markets, enabling anyone to create a market to their liking.

4. Trading and Liquidity incentives

Overlay’s unique and sustainable approach to tokenomics, aiming to revolutionize how we trade streaming data, is also designed to reward traders and liquidity providers.

Additionally, Overlay is unveiling a reward system aimed at elevating the involvement of other DeFi protocol users. Selected past DeFi users will receive extra boosts on their trading rewards. This is going to be an open invitation to traditional DeFi users to try out a more exotic and more interesting approach to DEX trading.

At the same time, Overlay’s overall tokenomics model follows a fairness- and sustainability-first approach, giving power to its user base to also partake in decisions critical for the protocol’s future.

5. Building on Arbitrum

Overlay Protocol is built on the leading ETH L2 rollup powerhouse Arbitrum. Leveraging the Arbitrum infrastructure, Overlay benefits from fast and cheap transaction processing, together with the support of the burgeoning Arbitrum ecosystem.

With Arbitrum gaining an increasingly larger market share in L2s, the leading projects of tomorrow continue to choose Arbitrum to build scalable, censorship-resistant, and user-friendly dApps primed for mass adoption.

IDO szn is back on Polkastarter and we are beyond buzzing to share more info about upcoming projects. We are entering 2024 with a star-studded lineup, stay tuned… 

Ready for the widely-anticipated Overlay Protocol IDO? Apply for allowlist today!

Learn more about Overlay on the project page.

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